On 7 and 8 November Saint Petersburg hosted the second Blockchain Life 2018. Forum that attracted owners and top managers of major cryptocurrency funds, companies and international exchanges.

Blockchain Life Forum held for the second time, was arranged by Listing.help — the world’s leading agency for listing projects on cryptocurrency exchanges.

There were the industry’s leaders such as Roger Ver (Bitcoin.com), Anatoly Kaplan (ForkLog), Tony Weiss (a trader and analyst) and others among the speakers at the Forum.

According to the organisers’ estimates, over 4,000 participants from various countries and cities attended the event. Alex Reinhardt made a presentation speaking as an investor, business coach, business development expert and founder of a number of IT and FinTech projects.

Alex Reinhardt at the Blockchain Life 2018 Forum – new solutions for the crypto currency community

His presentation was dedicated to the impending «death» of the crypto community with the initial symptoms of such a development observed already today. The recent unity of all cryptomarket players — blockchain projects, private crypto anarchists and crypto fans — has, doubtless, given way to fragmentation. Some time ago it was a united community which was not always overtly but implicitly against the old traditional economic system and wanted to offer the world entirely new solutions not tied to government supervision. However, it has undergone a major check after bitcoin’s dramatic plunge during the entire 2018.

Firstly, the ICO market has shrunk significantly — 90% of projects that raise money eventually fail to deliver a product.

There are projects that raise money, come up with a product and issue a token of their own, but 80% of them cannot list their tokens on exchanges as the listing fees are sky high,” said Alex Reinhardt.

Moreover, while the demiurges of the cryptocurrency industry are trying one way or another to reduce risks and keep afloat, the new players are also faced with big challenges. Their number has certainly been decimated but there are still some who see prospects for the cryptocurrency market and who wish to become part of this world despite a growing general anxiety.

The Forum’s participants paid keen attention to one of the key issues Alex Reinhardt discussed: so far, the market has not come up with any entry tools that are clear and accessible to all.

Crypto exchanges remain the main entry point and, according to analytics, 97% of newcomers to the exchanges loose all their money within 3 to 9 months.

This is one of the reasons the attendees warmly welcomed the solutions Alex offered. The ELVN crypto messenger became a sensation among the Forum’s guests as it addresses a whole range of issues and, among other, it will help to restore confidence in the crypto community. Its principle is very simple — there is nothing simpler and more customary for people today than a conventional messenger — you download the messenger, and live you usual social life on it — you communicate in chat rooms, read the news, put likes and get tokens for your activity on the crypto wallets pre-installed on the messenger.

And you don’t need to be an expert on such things. The messenger has a commodities section where you can spend the tokens you have earned.

This solution is very convenient as everything is in a single place, it is easy to understand as it operates according to the well-familiar principles and, finally, it makes the crypto world accessible to new enthusiasts as it creates a complete structure.

«Everybody has forgotten that crypto currencies should be used, one should buy goods and service with them. People currently keep cryptocurrencies in their ‘cold wallets’, shiver and don’t let them go. That’s why the laws of economics do not work in the crypto market. We need to activate the economics laws in the crypto environment,» Alex Reinhardt said.

The ELVN crypto messenger is definitely the first step to resolve the problem and restore confidence in the crypto industry.