On June 26 and 27 London hosted one of major blockchain events in Europe – Blockchain Summit London 2018 where over 2,500 participants learnt about blockchain application in various areas.

The summit was useful not only information-wise but in practical terms as well. It featured exhibitions where one could see new blockchain products,there were also some workshops. In short, it offered an excellent networking opportunity for all crypto industry professionals to discover many new and exciting things. The events covered blockchain in entirely different areas – insurance, finance, logistics, utility services, mass media, entertainment and many others.

Over 120 speakers shared their experience, among them people from such big companies like

Ripple, IBM, Heritage Sports Holdings, Circle, UNOPS and ING. The crypto industry’s leaders, developers, company top executives and investors were among the guests. British Petroleum, Shell, Cisco, Orange and other companies sponsored the forum.

The guests of this prestigious forum showed great interest in the presentation by Alex Reinhardt, the PLATINCOIN brand’s founder who shared our vision of the cryptomarket’s current state, its prospects and potentialities.

Alex presented the ELVN crypto messenger as a solution to a number of challenges facing the crypto industry. According to the forum’s participants, the application can really facilitate the cryptomarket’s scale up and formation of the sector’s full-fledged infrastructure.