How did the work on the cryptosystem begin, what did the team do and with what results came to the big opening on November 18, 2017? Here the fragment of the speech of PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt at the Grand Opening in Berlin. The first part of the conference was devoted to the PLATINCOIN road map.


How it all began

It is always useful to review the path that has been taken and not to forget about the main goals. And we want to talk about how PLATINCOIN was built, how a unique hybrid platform was created, and what lies ahead.

Preparatory stage

Reduce the digital divide in society, popularize the blockchain and make complex technologies available to everyone – this is exactly the mission of PLATINCOIN. The solution of these tasks was to become an innovative hybrid platform we called PLATINCOIN. The team started its creation in the fall of 2016.

In October 2016 we started working on the blockchain. The developers had to implement a unique hybrid solution PoW & PoS. In November, a team of programmers began to create a platform In December, the first concepts of PLC Secure Wallet were developed.

The safety of our future users was our top priority from the outset. 2017 began with a powerful breakthrough in this direction: in January the developers began to create a device for comfortable minting with the possibility of the secure storage of a private key – PLC SECURE BOX. A month later, in February 2017 the development of safe shipment of PLC began.

The preparatory stage of the work was completed in March 2017, when the demo version of the blockchain was launched.

Step-by-Step Approach

Developers had to create a unique product without having similar examples or ready-made solutions before. When the innovative hybrid platform was close to the initial idea, it was the right time to tell people about it. After all PLATINCOIN platform not only has no technical analogues, it also offers competitive products on the market. It became obvious that we had to create a new market and new opportunities, which a user will have to learn.

A closed conferences took place from 4 to 7 April 2017 in Berlin with over 500 top leaders from 23 countries participating in it. The main purpose of these meetings was to present a technically complex product and to tell about its features to potential users. The guests of the conference happily supported the idea of ​​the project and the mission of PLATINCOIN: to popularize the blockchain and make complex technologies accessible to everyone. And the founders of the company could once again make sure that the PLC system is needed by users.

Trial start of registration was held on April 11. It showed not only a high interest of users, but also a number of vulnerabilities of the system. The team began to eliminate them. In May, users could already see the updated platform in an updated design solution.


“For the first time” – we all hear it when events of a historical scale begin. And few people think about how many unforeseen obstacles do face the pioneers, those who take totally new ways or embodies in reality something that did not exist before. These were difficult months, but their results are real and really able to make people’s lives easier and better. They brought us the first real Wallet with private key storage, the first PLC SECURE BOX, a box with the size of a smartphone capable of replacing a farm with expensive equipment.

We have successfully completed the work on the first prototype of the unique PLC SECURE BOX device in May 2017, and in June the production of its test batch started.

Simultaneously, the promo action of PLC Secure Box Super Promo started. Users were able to make a preliminary purchase from June 22. They were able to replenish their account in the system for the amount necessary to purchase a business package for 1000 €: it costed 1805 € (+ VAT if necessary). Additionally to the purchase promo participants received bonus PLC in accordance with the current index for the amount of VAT, four souvenir PLC coins and PLC Secure Box free of charge.

PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt at the Grand Opening in Berlin

July 7 was the launch of PLC Blog. The company offered interesting and useful articles about technology, business, marketing with the added benefit: you can share a blog post on your social network page and recruit new partners. To do this, simply add your referral number to the address of the article in the PLC system, and every new user followed this link will be registered in the sponsor’s team with this referral number. For 2 months of work the blog has gathered an audience of more than 150 000 users and more than 340 000 readings!

A cosmic breakthrough is no longer a metaphor. The company does what it promises, even when promises seem fantastic. On July 14, 2017, the launch vehicle Soyuz-2.1a was launched with the spacecraft Canopus-V-IC and small satellites on board. PLATINCOIN took part in this mission, and small spacecrafts developed by the German company ECM Space Technologies went into space in containers with the PLC logo on it. If you are already the part of the PLC community, you can safely say: “We are in the space!”

And one more dream comes true right before our eyes: the technical development of the company started its way to the mass user. On July 16, PLC SECURE Wallet appeared on Google Play, and on July 17, the PLC Secure Box was recognized as fully compliant with the EU standards. The device is assigned a CE quality certificate. These are no longer projects and prototypes – these are real products, ready to work for millions of people.

New stages of the platform launch

Working on the project all these months, the PLC team sincerely believed that the finished product will be useful, it will be useful to people, generate interest and open new opportunities. But the real number of people who wanted to become the first users of the platform, surpassed both practical expectations and bold hopes. This pushed the developers to create new unique solutions and work extra hours. But we do not complain;)

The official start of sales on the PLC platform took place on July 18. Taking into account the technical complexity of the platform, sales launch was conducted in a quiet mode, so that any emerging issues could be solved quickly. As always, safety remains a priority.

On July 22, the “Quick Purchase” procedure started. It was developed specifically for those users who were in a hurry to buy business packages, without having to go through the full verification procedure.

Due to the fact that the interest of users and the demand for business packages turned out to be higher than forecasted, the technical requirements for the platform have increased. July 23 was a massive increase in the capacity of the system more than 100 times, and thereafter the platform began to work stably in conditions of mass demand.

At the request of users and for their convenience we have introduced additional payment options even before the scheduled time.

The ADVCash payment system was integrated with the platform on July 28. Payeer payment system can be used from August 2.

PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt at the Grand Opening in Berlin

Nearest plans

We are at the very beginning of the journey. And, of course, we cannot tell everything about what lies ahead of the PLC-community. But we will open some secrets and name the main events that await us in the coming months.

The social network is about to be launched. We can tell the exact date a bit later, only to say that it will happen after the New Year. So hurry up and accumulate advertising points – very soon they will be in use. Very soon you will be able to communicate with friends, find business partners, get PLC for activity inside the social network and use all its other capabilities.

In the near future, all closed sections will also be switched on. There is not much left till all the capabilities of the hybrid platform will be available at the full range.

PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt at the Grand Opening in Berlin