Alex Reinhardt will be one of the main presenters at the world’s largest blockchain conference — CHAIN 2020, which will take place on January 15 in Hong Kong. The conference will host 12 000 experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

CHAIN 2020 is more than your average blockchain conference. Its organizers have planned a series of educational activities to launch CHAIN 2020. The objective of these events is to introduce Asian residents to blockchain technology, destroy existing myths, thus speeding up the integration of this technology in business processes and everyday life.

Speakers at the conference include global experts in blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, journalists and influencers, politicians, CEOs, CTOs and founders of famous blockchain projects. Over the past few years, Alex Reinhardt has already performed at over 10 important global blockchain conferences: Futurama Innovators Montenegro, Blockchain Life in Singapore, Blockchain Summit London, BlockShow Europe, and Russian Blockchain Week.

In his presentations, Alex shares his experiences and case studies that can be used for scaling of other blockchain projects and provide an easy point of entry into the cryptocurrency market.