We have some great news to share – on 02.02.2020 the PLATINCOIN (PLC) coin was listed on the major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Global!

Bithumb Global is a subsidiary of one of the largest and oldest exchanges on the Asian market, Bithumb.

This listing offers incredible opportunities in the Asian market! In this article, we will explain the advantages of Bithumb Global, its stance on compliance with legislation and ensuring user security, as well as the new opportunities that this listing will open for PLATINCOIN.

Details about Bithumb Global and Bithumb

Asia is even closer: PLATINCOIN enters Bithumb Global exchange

Bithumb Global is the flagship project of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trading volume of approximately $72 million. The exchange is ranked among the top-100 on CoinMarketCap, the most authoritative aggregator in the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers support for 6 languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, and English.

The parent company, the Bithumb exchange, is part of the self-regulated Korea Blockchain Association, which means that it strictly abides by all the laws developed by Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC). The exchange also offers a significant level of security – for instance, only verified users have access to the withdrawal of funds. The exchange currently has over 8 million registered users and more than 300 000 unique daily visitors to its website. Today, Bithumb is the largest player in South Korea and one of the largest in Asia and the world: 59.19% of the BTC transaction volume in the South Korean market passes through this exchange, which is approximately 15% of the global market.

The history of Bithumb Global

Founded in 2013 by BTC Korea.com Co., Ltd., the exchange achieved leading positions in South Korea and Asia almost instantly. Projects from various countries around the world wanted to collaborate with Bithumb, but the exchange was unable to list them: company policy dictated a preference for South Korean projects, and most listings on the exchange were calculated in South Korean won.

In 2019, the founders came up with the idea to create a subsidiary called Bithumb Global for listing foreign projects and entering the global market. Several attractive features were added to the exchange:

— the option to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat, through Visa and Mastercard;

— their own platform for crypto project IEOs;

— the option for users to earn exchange tokens and trade them for privileges and presents;

— a convenient mobile app for trading;

— the opportunity to earn a passive income through the accrual on interest on deposits in a certain cryptocurrency (BG Staking).

Bithumb Global achieved great success: this is one of the few crypto exchanges created in 2019 that managed to stay afloat in the market and achieve a stable and high trading turnover. Today, average daily trading volumes often reach $72 million, and the number of users is more than one million.

Just like Bithumb, Bithumb Global takes their reputation seriously, which is why they have a strict selection process for projects – there are only 131 cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange at the moment. For comparison, Binance offers 604 listings, Yobit has 505 listings, and KuCoin has 437.

Why is this important for PLATINCOIN?

One of the main objectives for PLATINCOIN in 2020 is to grow our community to 5 million people. And one of the steps towards achieving this goal is our entry and reinforcement on the Asian market.

Our entry into the Asian region started with a powerful presentation from Alex Reinhardt at the CHAIN 2020 conference in Hong Kong, where Alex was one of the key speakers, and PLATINCOIN was a partner. The features of PLATINCOIN sparked an interest among Asian guests, who spent several hours after the presentation asking Alex questions about our products and technologies.

Our next step was to organize events in Asian countries. Until mid-February 2020, PLATINCOIN will organize events with top leaders in major cities in South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India and Vietnam.

This listing on the largest exchange in Asia is just another step in our global strategy of entering the Asian market. It will offer many advantages:

  1. this will make it easier to use our coin in Asian countries, which means that the PLATINCOIN community will welcome millions of new crypto enthusiasts;
  2. thanks to the high daily trading volume on the exchange, we will witness a growth in the market capitalization of PLC, which will boost the coin even higher in the ranking on Coinmarketcap (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations);
  3. all PLATINCOIN users will get access to another top exchange, which will make it even easier to trade PLC!
  4. PLATINCOIN will become even more recognizable on the largest cryptocurrency market in the world, in Asia!

Finally, our listing on Bithumb Global serves as additional confirmation that the cryptocurrency world accepts and supports us, which means that we are following the right strategy!