Dear friends! We have a huge team working on our project – developers, designers, product analysts, marketing experts! Thanks to these people, our product is constantly changing and improving. There are certain events we cannot keep to ourselves, and therefore we decided to launch a new section in our blog entitled “PLATINCOIN News”!

Today’s headlines include our major blockchain upgrade, the testing of our first crypto ATMs and PLATINCOIN’s anniversary.

Massive Upgrade of PLATINCOIN Blockchain

Our developers worked on PLATINCOIN blockchain architecture for several months. It was a second major blockchain upgrade after the one undertaken in December.

We have finally adapted the minting process for PLC Secure Box. Now, the coinage («coin age”, the time it takes for a new coin to mature during the minting process) is 20 days. To remind yourself of what coinage is and what happens inside the PLC Secure Boх, please read this article.

ATMs Testing, PLATINCOIN’s Anniversary and Other News

Testing of first crypto ATMs and terminals launched in Ukraine

We are launching the program to install our terminals and crypto ATMs. The first crypto ATMs are being extensively tested in several Ukrainian cities. Europe and the whole world are to follow!

Crypto ATMs could be used to exchange PLATINCOINs for fiat money. The exchange rate in crypto ATMs is fixed and will not depend on the quoted rate. And using terminals, we will soon be able to pay for goods and services at any store. Just think how much in demand PLC will be! By the end of 2025, we are planning to install over 10,000,000 payment terminals all over the world.

On July 24, PLATINCOIN celebrated its 2nd anniversary

It was exactly 2 years ago that we started selling our first products. Not only have we survived the longest ever cryptocurrency falling trend, but also managed to grow significantly, while other crypto startups were closing one after the next.

The credit for this goes to each member of our community. We thank you for always supporting us and believing in us! It has encouraged us to set new records: when we issued PLC, the dashboard index was 10 eurocents, and it is as high as 5 euros today!

We have big goals and new achievements ahead of us! Follow our blog and social media updates, we will keep you posted on all PLATINCOIN news!