So it happened: on 18th of November 2017 PLC Grand Opening Event took place in the Berlin Hotel ESTREL.

We are thankful to the participants of this fantastic holiday and sincerely congratulate all partners who, due to their excellent work in the company, were given the right to enter the stage of PLC Grand Opening Event and to receive the deserved award from the hands of the general director of the company. We are very proud with all of you, dear friends!

Berlin, November-2017: PLC Grand Opening Event











YASH S HAKE (Diamond)






EMILIA SAUNIN (Blue Diamond)

OLIVER POPSOR (Blue Diamond)

DIRK FRICKE (Green Diamond)

BÄRIKE HEIKO (Green Diamond)

THOMAS ENGLERT (Green Diamond)

EIRINE POULE (Green Diamond)

ANDREY CHUMAKOV (Purple Diamond)

ELIAS PAPE (Red Diamond)

Awarding holder of high ranks became for us the most pleasant part of the evening. And of course we were happy to share with the guest the results and our new plans.

Alex Reinhard introduced promotion strategy and technical novelties to the guests of the forum.

Berlin, November-2017: PLC Grand Opening Event


In the near future we will face an update, important additional functions will appear in the accounts thereafter, including data verification. That will help solve several current issues and move forward to our common goals.


In order to open new markets more easily and quickly, our website will support 14 languages. The participants of PLC Grand Opening Event in Berlin were able to see on their screens how it will look like and estimate all the benefits of a multi language platform. The novelty will become available till the end of 2017.

Presentation of the 6th block of PLC Academy

The company really cares about training partners and giving them all opportunities for personal growth. The new block will cover conducting webinars, their preparation and technical equipment. This is a very useful information for those who are engaged in network marketing, personal growth and internet promotion. In this way the presentation of the next block promises to reveal new precious information as well as provide information on new packages and business offers.

PLC Forum

Over the past months, the PLC blog has become a platform that our partners have been able to successfully use for their personal promotion. That’s why the company made a next step and presented an own active forum in Berlin that will be ready for work soon. The work of the blog has proven that useful informational materials are very effective for promotion in Google and other search engines. The forum is ready to become an even more powerful tool for each of you.

PLC Support

We are actively working on improving the quality of the Support. For this purpose we have initiated daily service quality measurements. The results can only make us even more happier: we are able to manage any user inquires faster and more efficient.

Also we made a survey with 29% of our users participating in it. 84% of respondents evaluated the work of technical support positively, 16% negatively. 84% is a good number but we want to achieve 100% and we are working on it already. We have new high professional team members. Moreover we outsource actively in order to meet all requirements and satisfy all requests.

Forecasted growth of the company

Planned updates give us an opportunity to make a big breakthrough and to dramatically increase an already impressive community of PLATINCOIN. Today we have over 100 000 partners in 74 countries. After all, language barriers are for us the only restriction and now it will be eliminated.

In the near future we plan to integrate new languages, so people from other countries can join us. SIn this way every partner will have new incredible opportunities.

PLC Network

The participants of the PLC Grand Opening Event could be the first to see the new social network getting fit now for the launch. It include all capabilities known to date – from adding a picture or a video to creating of groups, events and business pages. Moreover we are working on integration of PLC Market into it, so every member could independently market goods and services for sale.

Berlin, November-2017: PLC Grand Opening Event

Crypto messenger

Our own crypto messenger became the real hit of the Berlin event. It has an incentive fee. Every user can really get platincoins for messages, active chats, video and audio calls. This is another powerful tool to attract new audience!

Announcements about entering the crypto-exchange

Even against the backdrop of all previous news, this information has become an undeniable sensation for the guests of the event. We have called the exact date of the entering the crypto exchange. It is scheduled for 30th of March 2018.

First of all, our blockchain will be stopped and all PLC already placed into PLC wallets will be duplicated on dashboards of the corresponding users. The second step will be a serious update of blockchain and all software solutions.

While platincoins are located on dashboard they all participate in minting and give the user a right to a remuneration of 10% per annum in platincoins.

This growth strategy will control our coin on the initial stage and will provide it with the necessary stability. It will play its main role during the first 6 months after the entering the crypto-exchange.

In the near future PLC Secure Box will enter the market. After that platincoins will actively flow into users’ crypto wallets up to the initial volume. The exact dates of all enrollments will be announced during the first months of the exchange entering.

Investment portfolio of PLC

Major investments of the company are recently built from three parts:

  • Gold.
  • Crypto messenger.
  • Large scale development project.

Berlin, November-2017: PLC Grand Opening Event

Dubai — new opportunities for PLATINCOIN

The heart of the company (equipment, development, blockchain) will remain in Switzerland but all the financial activities, sales network marketing will be implemented through a new legal entity. Its headquarter is located in UAE. Dubai is the connecting link between Asia, Africa and Europe. And we plan to organize the next PLATINCOIN Event exactly in this city.

Most recently we used to say: «See you in Berlin».Today we tell you: «See you in Dubai!» We plan to inspire you with all our recent achievements at the next meeting. This is the reason we do not only continue our work but repeatedly activate it.


Berlin, November-2017: PLC Grand Opening Event