BlockShow Europe 2018 in Berlin is one of the most reputable crypto summits in the world. This year the event has expanded five-fold compared with last spring. 3,000 participants attended the Forum on 28 May. The BlockShow stands featured new projects presented by 93 companies. Over 100 investor companies had an opportunity to evaluate the projects’ prospects. Over 200 journalists from many countries of the world came to cover the event.

The event’s participants as well as the mass media outlets were unanimous in that the unbelievably high-profile speakers at the BlockShow Europe 2018 made the most memorable impression. Among them were Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Mike Bucher, editor-at-large at TechCrunch, a reputable publication on technology andBobby Lee, co-founder of the BTCC crypto exchange.

BlockShow Europe 2018 and ELVN crypto messenger presentation

Many BlockShow participants cited the crypto market development and expansion as one of their key objectives. In an interview with Cointelegraph Bobby Lee said: “Conferences should enlighten people and help them learn more about crypto currencies and blockchain. This will enable us to attract a billion people.”

BlockShow Europe 2018 and ELVN crypto messenger presentation

Alex Reinhardt not only presented a clear-cut vision of the issue but also offered ways to address it. In his speech, he demonstrated our ELVN crypto messenger to the Forum’s participants. The new product’s presentation was a great success. Alex Reinhardt detailed ELVIN’s functionalities and how this new product would help address the issues facing the crypto market.

The Forum’s participants were highly enthusiastic about the idea Alex presented as a vivid metaphor when he compared the participants to the crypto market with the characters of the famous cartoon Antz. The BlockShow features ELVN as a sponsor of this high-profile world event. There is no doubt that the ELVN crypto messenger premiere has resonated with the international audience.