The world is waiting for a cryptocurrency which can be used as an accepted payment instrument. PLATINCOIN is ready for that challenge.

Dear Business Associates.

It might sound too good to be true, but we can indeed confirm that PLATINCOIN, fully developed in terms of technology, is ready to become an adequate tool for crypto settlements.
This means that we are embarking on creating a market of goods and services where users have the possibility to pay these with PLC’s.

This opportunity will for the first time ever be available to the attendees of the upcoming event in Prague. Merchants participating during the event will have the opportunity presenting in a 50-booth-exhibition their goods ranging from souvenirs to cars. There will be no need delivering large-sized goods to Prague, due to the fact that a convenient and compact voucher system will be used which allows to buy and sell any kind of item. The only requirement is that payments for goods purchased at exhibition stands are to be made exclusively in PLC.

The first users participating at the PLC market will be able to use our payment terminals, which is the company’s latest development. This enables all merchants getting paid directly at the event in PLATINCOINS.

If you wish to participate as a vendor please forward the attached form back to us and we will respond within 24 hours. Be part of an historic event!

We welcome all merchants which are ready to make the first steps into creating the innovative PLC economy!


Merchant registration for PLATINCOIN World Convention is now closed.