Dear Partners! 

At the end of 2019, PLATINCOIN gave each partner the gift of a Free Power Minter Starter. With this promotion, 300 000 of our partners got a chance to earn 30% annual interest with Power Minter. The only condition of the promotion required users to load this machine with 74 PLC – the max load for Power Minter Starter. 

The numbers don’t lie: unfortunately, not all of our users managed to take advantage of this gift, as many of them remembered about the opportunity offered by PLATINCOIN when it was too late. That’s why we have decided to extend the promotion until July 1, 2020, with one condition: if the partner does not load at least 10 PLC into their gift farm by 1.07.2020, then it will be annulled. 

How will the “Free Power Minter Starter” promotion stimulate the growth of the PLATINCOIN economy? 

This seemingly small gift offers enormous potential for the development of the entire PLATINCOIN economy. According to the basic rules of economics, the price of an asset increases as demand for this asset grows. Let’s suppose that each of these 300 000 lucky users who have received their Power Minter will purchase 10 PLC. In that case, 3 000 000 PLC will be in demand. This growth in demand will result in an enormous boost to the entire PLATINCOIN economy, shifting the price to the next target of €10! In turn, the price increase will move our community to the coveted goal of 5 million users even faster, so that we can achieve this goal in no time! 

Don’t miss your chance to make an impact on the development of the PLATINCOIN ecosystem! IF you have any questions about creating and setting up your PLC Farm and PLC Wallet, and also about working with the Coinsbit exchange, you can check out our easy and straightforward tutorials once again.