Dear Partners!

We’re launching a series of posts with Alex Reinhardt’s answers to frequently asked questions. Today, Alex will explain how you can earn money from places in the blockchain. In this video, Alex Reinhardt offers a detailed explanation of the operations of one of the most revolutionary PLATINCOIN products – block places. He explains how transactions in the blockchain are allocated among owners of block places, and how the amount of the reward is determined. You’ll find a transcript of the video below.

We’re not talking about "earnings" in the literal sense of the word. Depending on the number of places in the blockchain that you own, you can participate in the distribution of profits from the global turnover. That is, if one partner has 100 places, and the second partner has one, then the first will receive a larger share of the turnover.

The share of the turnover paid for one blockchain place depends on the total volume that passes through the blockchain, divided by the total number of places. It’s also important to understand the difference between a regular blockchain place and an active blockchain place. Keep in mind that only active blockchain places receive a share of the turnover. What is an active blockchain place? It’s a blockchain place or places that are connected to a user's node. That is, they are activated, they support the network and promote decentralization. Thanks to these active places, the network becomes stable and fast. And owners of blockchain places are rewarded for this.

Owners of passive places in the blockchain, unfortunately, will not be counted in the distribution of income - only active participants will receive their share. There are no lower or upper limits on profits - everything depends on the number of active places!

That is, if our total turnover is 100,000,000 PLC and there is only one active node, then its owner will be lucky to receive this entire volume.