Dear Partners!

We have suspended minting on some PLC Secure Boxes due to links between wallets and smart contracts. This is because the minting technology in these boxes is different from the technology used in smart contracts. PLC Secure BOX features built-in hardware-based protection that does not allow minting on wallets, where coins are created as a result of smart contracts.

In order to reactivate minting in boxes, we advise you to complete the following actions: 

  1. To ensure uninterrupted minting, allocate a separate wallet for your PLC Secure Box, to be used exclusively with your box. You can use a different smartphone or create a wallet in the app and save the keys to the wallet. 

Important! Check to make sure that you have saved the keys to your current wallet. If not, make sure to save your keys before creating a new wallet.

  1. Import this wallet into your PLC Secure Box – you’ll find instructions on how to do this on the Box or on our YouTube channel and on our blog.
  2. Top up your wallet with a regular funds transfer transaction.

    Important: make sure you never use this wallet to create smart contracts;

    We are currently developing a solution that will allow you to create a special wallet to be used exclusively with the PLC Secure Box.

    In four years, the number of products and services in the PLATINCOIN ecosystem has increased exponentially. Our development team is working at breakneck speed to launch dozens of new releases each month. With our constantly increasing system load, we are forced to develop new services and solutions – this is an inevitable aspect of growth that makes it possible for us to offer more profitable and easy to use products with every day!