On the https://platincoin.com/en/my-units/general webpage you’ll find the «My Units» section in the left menu, where you can view all the categories of units that you own. 

All previously purchased minting units are grouped into categories, and you need to activate each one. Activation occurs when you create a smart contract using your wallet. Thus, only you will have access to the minted coins, which establishes a maximum security level, which is why we once again urge you to securely store the keys to your wallets.

Activating your Minting Unit is extremely simple – all you need is a FARM wallet and a MAIN wallet, as minting occurs on your FARM wallet, while the smart contract is created using your MAIN wallet.

Click on the “ACTIVATE” button and you will see a QR code, which you must scan with the PLC Wallet app with the MAIN Wallet. Scan this QR code and confirm activation in the PLC Wallet app.

The window will also display activation instructions and download links for the apps.

The activation process is launched as soon as you activate the Minting Unit category. Please note that activation may take some time up to 24 hours. 

After activation is complete, the minting unit category will be activated and designated as ONLINE.

You can find a more detailed view of each category by clicking on the “MORE DETAILS” button, which will open a list of all your Minting Units with information about each one.

We’ve also added a HISTORY tab to this page, where you’ll find each new accrual across all categories of Minting Units, as well as the number of active and inactive units.

We’re always trying to improve our products and we hope that this update will contribute to an even more convenient experience!