Dear Partners!

We are delighted to inform you that we have extended the period of awarding places in the blockchain for reaching new ranks until June 1, 2021!

As a reminder, here are the terms of getting places in the blockchain:

For reaching the Sapphire rank, you are awarded 1 place;

for Ruby — 2 places;

Emerald — 3 places;

Diamond — 5 places;

Blue Diamond — 10 places;

Green Diamond — 20 places;

Purple Diamond — 40 places;

Red Diamond — 120 places;

Black Diamond — 240 places;

Platin Diamond — 1200 places;

Double Platin Diamond — 2400 places.

What are the advantages of blockchain places?

Owners of blockchain places receive a lifelong income in the form of commissions on all PLATINCOIN transactions made by hundreds of thousands of users around the world each day! This way, owners of places in the blockchain earn money from commission payments, product purchases, deposits and withdrawals on exchanges, from all transactions in POS terminals and crypto ATMs, and naturally, from millions of minting transactions!

Hurry to reach as many new ranks as possible to secure a lifelong income from places in the PLATINCOIN blockchain!