Dear partners!

It is essential for the speedy processing of incoming payments of the Minting Units that the following information is taken into account during the payment procedure.

Payments for the acquisition of Minting Units may only be made for the own account, i.e. payer and acquirer of the Minting Unit must be identical.

In exceptional cases for the acquisition of Minting Units it is accepted, for example, if parents make payments for their children, spouses for each other, business owners for their company (…and vice versa).

In well-founded exceptional cases, management may, in coordination with Compliance, approve exceptions to this rule.

If such an exception is required, it must be obtained before the payment process begins.

If a partner, regardless of rank, violates these rules, the partner must expect that the company will immediately terminate the cooperation without further notice.

It is essential for the speedy processing and posting of incoming payments for minting units that the data specified in the intended use is 100% complete and correct.

Failure to do so will result in significant additional work and, as a result, delays in dashboard crediting.

Since the number of incoming payments for which the required data is not complete or even in extreme cases not at all specified, we again ask you to make sure when filling out the transfer order that the data to be specified are entered completely and correctly.

Thank you for choosing PLATINCOIN products!