We aim to inform you of IMPORTANT SECURITY MEASURES.

A new PLC Wallet is now ready, including an integrated automatic updater. It will become available for download on 07.04.2018. Please, do not try to download the update before this date.

We recommend taking the following steps:

  • Make a screenshot of your current balance;
  • Create backups of your old key.

The update will be activated on 07.04.2018. Later on users will not have access to historic data via their wallets. You can use the old Blockchain Expolrer to find out your amount deposited before updating by clicking the following link:https://legacy.platincoin.info

After the Wallet has been updated you will need to generate a new Wallet-Address for a new blockchain. Please, save your new personal key as a screenshot, picture or print out a hard copy. Make sure you keep it in a safe place.

Right now we are drafting a setup instruction for your new wallet.

Please, forward this message to your partners. Thank you for understanding and cooperation!