Dear Partners!

Today marks a real revolution in the PLATINCOIN blockchain – the minting process has completely transitioned to smart contracts. This completely automates the minting process, protects the coin generation process from the human factor and offers additional security for users.

Due to the integration of smart contracts into our system, there will be three important updates, which will make it significantly easier to work with PLATINCOIN:

  • minting will be completely automated; 
  • sales of packs for 107 and 268 euros in PLC will become available;
  • limits on PLC withdrawals will be significantly increased for whitelisted partners. 

In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of each update.

We have automated PLATINCOIN minting 

The PLATINCOIN development team has completed all work on integrating smart contracts. Updated minting based on smart contracts will soon appear in your apps. The updated Android app is already available on GooglePlay, the iOS version is currently in review on the App Store – we will inform you as soon as it is added to the app store. 

What will change? 

Coin minting is now fully automated – you no longer need to click on ‘Get profit’ every day. To activate your passive income, it’s enough to create a smart contract once – its implementation will be guaranteed by the blockchain. Now, you no longer have to worry about losing your Internet connection or forgetting to click on ‘Get profit’ – you will get your passive income regardless of external circumstances.

How can I launch my smart contract, and when will I get my 30%? 

In order to launch your smart contract, you must enter the PLC Farm app and click on ‘Get Profit’, then confirm the smart contract creation. Your coins will instantly be frozen for a one-year term, and 30% of this amount will be instantly minted. The total amount will be split up by months: each month, you will receive equal fractions of the minted amoubt transferred to your Main Wallet, with the first amount instantly transferred.

All information about creating smart contracts will be available in a special section in the app.

You’ll find detailed instructions for working with the updated apps in our blog post: 

PLC withdrawal limits increased for whitelisted partners

Due to frequent hacking in email services (Gmail, Yahoo, and others), we were forced to change our dashboard payout process (with a detailed explanation on our  blog) — now, in order to withdraw PLC, users must add their wallets to the white list through our support service. In the first days following the integration of the new process, our operators received an enormous amount of letters. Because of this, we had to temporarily increase request processing time. 

The situation has stabilized: we have increased the number of operators in our team, created new tools for them and optimized the request processing procedure. This has made it possible to significantly increase the dashboard coin withdrawal limit for everyone who has been approved for the white list: you can now withdraw PLC via the standard payout procedure directly from your personal cabinet.

Note: if you are still waiting to receive a reply to your request, please be patient and refrain from submitting a duplicate request – the PLATINCOIN support team will process are requests in due course

We are starting to sell packs for PLC!

We are delighted to inform you that following the activation of smart contracts, to spur rapid community growth in countries in Africa, Asia, and India, we are launching sales of the Starter and Basic versions of the Minting Double Pack for PLC — they will cost 107 and 268 euros in PLC, accordingly.

Minting based on smart contracts is one of our key targets for 2020. This is a significant breakthrough that will increase user security and completely eliminate the human factor from the minting process. What’s more, the smart contract launch became an important step before launching the most highly anticipated project of 2020 – our blockchain-based crowdfunding platform! This project will become a real breakthrough in the entire blockchain industry: for the first time, project financing will be 100% safe and profitable for both parties thanks to the smart contracts at the core of the platform operation.

We’ve got some momentous events ahead, along with colossal growth and development that we will certainly share with you on all official PLATINCOIN channels!

Stay tuned!