With great pleasure we can confirm that the PLC’s from the Minting Units are successfully created on a daily basis. The new created PLC’s from the Minting Unit can be viewed in the Dashboard under “MINTING – HISTORY”.

Under “AVAILABLE” you able to view the amount of PLC’s which has been created already and which are available for usage. These PLC can either remain in the Dashboard or be transferred to the personalized PLC-Wallet. The transaction fee from the Dashboard to the Wallet will be carried by Platincoin.

“PENDING” – the amount of PLC’s under “PENDING” are yet not available for usage but will be made available in steps. The available PLC’s will automatically be transferred into “AVAILABLE”.

The first PLC’s have already been made available for usage. PLC’s being made available get subtracted from the amount of PLC’s in “PENDING” and will than reflect in “AVAILABLE”.

After the successful market introduction of the Platincoin, which represented “Phase 1”, we strive to establish in “Phase 2” the PLC effectively on the market. For this purpose the infrastructure is being systematically developed.

To stabilize the rate and organically grow the PLC an equitable strategy and patience is required. Hence with effective of today the PLC’s will step-by-step be made available in the market. The stability of the company will have first priority.

The PLC’s from “PENDING” will transfer into “AVAILABLE” in following proportion.

  • In a special promotion, all Business Packages which loyal partners, which have been part of the Platincoin community since the first starting hours, have purchased will effectively from the 16.07.2018 be handled calculative as Minting Units.
  • The Academy Points of the individual Business Packages within the Dashboard will form the foundation of the calculation.
  • All bonuses and advantages from the Business Packages will remain.
  • The bonus PLC’s will be daily converted in the same proportion as the Minting Units and transferred into “AVAILABLE”. The calculation foundation is the current internal index as with the Minting Units. The “PENDING” amount will hence derogate accordingly.
  • Based on the amount of Academy Points of the applicable Business Package the daily transfer of the bonus PLC’s from “PENDING” to “AVAILABLE” will be conducted. This process will be accomplished after the 36 months period when the “PENDING” amount will be “0”.
  • The remaining bonus PLC’s ,which a partner has received through different promotions such as event or Diamond promotions, will be transferred, in dependency of the market development, from „PENDING“ to „AVAILABLE“ within these 36 months.

In the following table content a transfer proportion is reflected (based on the internal index of 5)

Package / TicketBasis of Calculation Academy PointsDaily PLC Transfer
Business Package — Starter50,001085
Business Package — Trainee500,010849
Business Package — Student2500,057534
Business Package — Specialist5000,121644
Business Package — Professional10000,256438
Ticket Berlin Event — Silver500,010849
Ticket Berlin Event — Gold5000,121644
Ticket Berlin Event — Platin10000,256438
Business Ticket Dubai Event — Platin10 0002,958904
White Party Ticket Dubai Event — Platin10 0002,958904
Business Ticket Dubai Event — Gold50001,413699
White Party Ticket Dubai Event — Gold50001,413699
Business Ticket Dubai Event — Silver10000,256438

See examples of calculations

The remaining Bonus PLC, which were included in the Business Packages and Tickets or any other promotions such as e.g. Event and Diamond Promotions, will be, dependent on the market development and external demand, transferred from Pending into Available during the next 12 months but latest 36 months.

This strategy serves the purpose to develop and stabilize the PLATINCOIN.We thank you for your confidence and trust and are looking forward to a successful future together.