Dear friends, we know, how you desire an updated information. But it is also very important that the information you receive and disseminate in the community is accurate and reliable.

We would be happy to check and supplement everything that people say about us and write on the Internet, but this is impossible. Our community is constantly growing – it’s great! And, of course, you understand that it is simply unrealistic to check all the information on private pages and channels.

Every time you find the wrong information, believe it and base on it by making your decisions, we want to help, fix some consequences, but this is not always in our power.

Not all mistakes are intentional. For example, information about some of our actions or bonuses is true until a certain moment. If we are talking about PLC enrollments, as a rule, we mean the exchange rate on the date of transfer of funds.

Let’s say there is a declared of bonus + 100% in PLC for the participation in the promotion.

At the rate of 1 PLC = € 1, the shareholder bonus to the amount of € 1000 will be 1000 PLC. Once the rate has risen to € 2.5 per 1 PLC, the bonus is already 400 PLC.

Thus, information about the bonus at a rate of 1000 PLC at some point may be relevant, and then becomes obsolete, and you can no longer rely on it.

Therefore, we ask you to check any information about the activities of the project and its team by following publications on the official channels of PLATINCOIN.

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