The heroine in today’s interview is our Green Diamond partner from Yalta (Crimea). Antonina was one of the first members to join PLATINCOIN. In this article, Antonina talks about her journey in network marketing and PLATINCOIN, explaining how PLATINCOIN transformed her views on network marketing, discussing the points that convinced her to accept Alex’s offer, as well as her plans and goals in the company in the near future.

How did you end up joining PLATINCOIN? When did you join?

I joined the company in 2017. My current rank is Green Diamond, there are 5674 people in my structure, and I’ve personally invited 402 of them. My PLATINCOIN story is unique: I only agreed to start working with the company on the fourth attempt! Three times, I said no to Alex. By the way, he personally pitched his project to me, and I finally decided to join only after his fourth attempt. 

What ultimately convinced you to say yes to this project? What made you decide to join PLATINCOIN?


Several crucial factors influenced my decision. First of all, I was impressed by a video with a PLATINCOIN presentation at a business forum called ‘Blockchain: a dialogue between business and government’. This forum was organized as an initiative brought forward by the Russian State Duma and B.Y. Titov, Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs under the President of the Russian Federation.

The involvement of PLATINCOIN in such a high-caliber event convinced me that I was facing a company with serious intentions. To me, this became a guarantee that the company has a stable legal foundation, while also proving their correct approach towards building communications with legislative government agencies.

Another fact that ultimately eliminated my doubts was the business plan that Alex showed me. At that point, I already had 20 years of network marketing experience under my belt and I had firmly decided not to go back to working in other MLM companies, but PLATINCOIN had nothing in common with these companies. The business plan (not just a marketing plan) was truly unique, and I know a thing or two about this because of my experience in business.

So you’ve previously worked in network marketing?

I’ve worked in network marketing for over 20 years, but until 2017 I was certain that only highly educated people with experience in commercial promotion, team structuring and training can achieve success in this field. I was also one of those people: I learned, promoted, and taught others. Through all these years, I was a leader with a fully-functioning, well-trained team, but I was still financially reliant on other people. If any of the members of my network lost their sales positions, my financial results plummeted.

In the end, I was tired of depending on the human factor, and I realized that my dream of making a passive income would never come true at that rate. If you stop working with your team, constantly motivating and training other members, you’ll stop making money. That’s why I left MLM and decided to join PLATINCOIN, because Alex’s business plan offered something I had long dreamed about – financial freedom.

What are your current goals? What are your plans for your future in the company? 

My ultimate goal is to reach the highest rank of Platin Diamond together with my team leaders. 

Additionally, I would like to invite businesspeople from Yalta to join Platin Hero, because I know them well and I understand the difficulties they are currently working to overcome.

What is your most significant success with PLATINCOIN?

My most significant success was my decision to join PLATINCOIN. I’m scared to imagine what would’ve happened in my life if I had turned Alex again that time and decided not to make an effort.

Practice shows that my experience with MLM, business and real estate investments didn’t give me any financial guarantees (high dependence on crises, pandemics, low purchasing power and people’s actions), while Platincoin DOES.

By the way, as soon as I joined, I made sure to buy the largest pack, because the facts I have already shared have convinced me that there are no risks here. So I didn’t start small, as beginners normally do, but I took the job seriously from the start. Now, I have enough coins to create a steady passive income stream which I am constantly increasing. I’ve built an entire team from zero. Of course, I’m lucky to have some highly trained people in my first line, they’re real experts in this field. They’re all leaders I’m proud of! 

What are you and your team currently working on?

At present, I’m helping the company’s Russian speaking community, hosting daily training sessions for partners and newcomers. At these sessions, I teach them to correctly present information about the company, work with objections, activate sales scripts and answer questions.

I devote a serious amount of time to educating and helping partners, because professionalism and team work create the most effective results when it comes to gaining financial independence.

Was it difficult to reach this kind of success? Which difficulties did you encounter along the way?

I spent an entire year trying to figure out all the information available, and I didn’t entirely understand the company I had joined. It was difficult to process the massive amount of absolutely new information provided by PLATINCOIN. Many things were entirely new to me. There was no one to look up to for experience. You might say I was one of the pioneers in the company, because I had to rely on my personal knowledge and experience in my work. With time, I figured everything out and built my own approach towards partners and structure. After so many years, I can confidently say that PLATINCOIN offers financial freedom for everyone, a universal method for building a passive income that will allow you to stop limiting yourself. No matter who you are, with hard work, the team support and unique value provided by Platincoin will help you reach all your goals.

Trust me, you won’t find an easier, more secure, or more profitable path – this is a fact that’s confirmed by my experience.