The hero in today’s interview is Black Diamond Andrei Chumakov from Ukraine. He currently has almost 58 000 people in his structure, including 800 members he had invited personally. Andrei talked about the PLATINCOIN project launch, sharing his main difficulties in the beginning of his journey and tips on how to make money with cryptocurrencies.

What made you decide to join PLATINCOIN?

I joined PLATINCOIN following a personal invitation from Alex in 2016. We met at a conference when PLATINCOIN was still in development – at that point, the coin didn’t have a name yet. Nevertheless, I believed in Alex’s idea of building a passive income with blockchain technology! 

When did you start your journey with network marketing?

I’ve worked in network marketing since 2011, and by the time I met Alex, I already had experience building a structure of over 100 thousand members, with around 1200 partners in my first line. Over the course of my life, I’ve been introduced to many projects in the field of network marketing, but PLATINCOIN is significantly different from other projects. First of all, the management team is extremely transparent – Alex regularly hosts webinars and group calls with leaders. Secondly, the company hosts many live meetings and events that bring energy and a feeling of unity, that we’re all in the same boat. 

What was the most difficult aspect in the beginning of your career? 

The most difficult part was finding a way to explain the massive scale of all the fantastic opportunities offered by blockchain technology and Alex’s project in particular. It was hard to break through the common misconception that ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. People didn’t understand that PLATINCOIN doesn’t offer anything for free – you pay to build a passive income with your time and hard work.

Many people didn’t believe that they could use digital technologies to earn real money, and it wasn’t easy to convince them that PLATINCOIN was the real deal.

Waiting for the full-scale launch of the project was also difficult, because it took us around half a year to fully launch PLATINCOIN. It was hard to keep the faith in a single idea during this entire time, turning down offers from other companies. I can still remember the multiple website crashes on the day PLATINCOIN was launched, because of the high volume of interested users. We had to put the site into standby mode several times to launch it again, and this went on until late at night...

Today, I look back on these difficulties with a smile, because this was my second birthday! My real life started on the day the project was launched! 


Did you run into any disappointments? How did you overcome them?

Essentially, I didn’t have any disappointments, but I do have a lot of things to be proud of. To this day, I’m beyond proud of my first line, their neverending hard work and belief in PLATINCOIN and its founder Alex Reinhardt.

Does learning from others have a positive impact on your work?

Learning other people’s experiences always helps because it’s impossible to know everything in the world. To build a passive income, to create your structure and make money with cryptocurrencies, you should keep learning – new knowledge always opens new horizons. In this field, you have to regularly update your toolkit and only choose the tools that are optimal in the current moment.

What are your plans for the future?

My ultimate, most important goal is to claim all the ranks in the PLATINCOIN career ladder and ensure that everybody in the project, including my own partners, can experience the powerful impact of building their passive income in their everyday lives!

What are you grateful for?

Thanks to my successful career, I now understand that you don’t need any special technical skills to make money from cryptocurrencies. People from all walks of life can make money in this field, the key is to pick the right project and team! For example, you can start earning with PLATINCOIN simply by downloading several apps and developing your communication skills.