The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Günter Leidlmair from Austria. He told us about how he joined the company, which of his team members bring him the most pride, and his plans for the future in the company.

Tell us about how you discovered PLATINCOIN. When and why did you decide to join the company?


I joined the company on May 30, 2017. I have an amazing memory for numbers, especially for such significant dates! I’m originally from Marktrenk in Upper Austria, but I learned about PLATINCOIN in a very banal way, after seeing an advertising campaign on Facebook. I liked the idea of making money by helping other people improve their quality of life. And who doesn't dream of complete financial independence? And PLATINCOIN promised to help me achieve it. And I must say, that’s exactly what happened?

What were you doing before you joined? Also working in network marketing?

Yes, I was selling perfume and cosmetics for many years, so the concept of network marketing was familiar to me. This knowledge and experience were very useful to me at PLATINCOIN, but this company is still very different from those I have dealt with before.

What exactly is the main difference between PLATINCOIN and other companies?


At the very least, the PLATINCOIN marketing plan makes it much easier to succeed. It’s truly brilliant! And not to mention all the tools that the company offers to its partners. Just take them and use them! I really appreciate the fact that there are no limits here, both in terms of opportunities and finances.

Share your goals for the future. What do you dream of achieving? 

I’d like to invite as many people as possible and help them achieve success, opening their eyes to how amazing their careers can be, which they can manage completely on their own. Of course, I also want to become a Platin Diamond. This is my main goal.

How many people are in your structure? How has your life changed since you started working with PLATINCOIN?

At the moment, there are exactly 440 people in my team. When it comes to changes in my life, it’s impossible to list everything! I’ve achieved freedom with PLATINCOIN – I work for my own pleasure, I earn as much as I want, but now I have twice as much free time. I create my own schedule, I organize my work process myself. Some may be more accustomed to relying on others, but a business like PLATINCOIN is for true leaders. For those who dream of building their lives completely independently, which is what I am doing.

Show off your biggest company success. What are you proud of?

My biggest success is that my teammates call me everyday and thank me for supporting them and introducing them to PLATINCOIN. Because I brought them to this company, I gave them the opportunity to use PLC coins. It's incredible to know you've helped dozens of people make their lives better! And, of course, I am proud of my Blue Diamond rank. This is a great achievement for me.

What was the most difficult thing for you in your work?

Increasing revenue. I didn't immediately figure out how everything works in the company, but when I understood the principles, everything went like clockwork.

Was there any memorable event in your life related to PLATINCOIN?

Most of all, I remember my own start in sales in 2017, when I had just joined the company and started building my structure from scratch. As for events, I still fondly remember the events in Berlin and Prague! 

Speaking of partners, is there someone in your structure who you particularly admire and respect? 

I worked really hard to convince my teammate and friend Robert Kepe that PLC really deserves his attention and can benefit both him and the whole world. The struggle lasted several months… And today, Kepe's team turnover exceeds 500,000 euros! Thomas Spiess, Jurgen Olipich, Charlie Kaufmann, Peter Bissegger, Clemens Fritz, Miki Stankovic - I am proud of all these guys, as well as my entire structure. We would never have achieved any of this without our collaboration, so thank you, everyone!