Today’s hero of our interview is entrepreneur and investor Dirk Fricke from Germany with the Black Diamond rank. He currently has 100 000 people in his structure, and this number is growing with every day.

He shared the difficulties and frustrations he has encountered since he started his journey with PLATINCOIN, what he loves most about PLATINCOIN, and which of his team members make him proud. 

How did you end up joining PLATINCOIN?

My PLATINCOIN story started in 2016, when the project founder Alex Reinhardt personally invited me to join. This might sound funny, but I first saw the concept behind PLATINCOIN on a regular napkin in a restaurant: when I met with Alex, he jotted down an approximate plan for the development of this project. At that point, I was already an experienced entrepreneur and investor, and I instantly knew that I wouldn’t let myself miss this chance!

Did you have any previous experience with networking marketing at that point? 

No! And that became the greatest point of pride for me: I had to start my network marketing journey from scratch. In the past, I worked in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, but even before my introduction to PLATINCOIN, I was already interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Why did you decide to join PLATINCOIN? What do you like about the company? 

The main reason is that PLATINCOIN has been helping people around the world improve their financial well-being for almost four years. What’s more, PLATINCOIN provides users with a wealth of opportunities for career growth. This has been proven by hundreds of thousands of our partners around the globe!

PLATINCOIN has helped me and my family achieve financial independence, enabling me to travel around the world without worrying about the future. I’ve also made many friends in different countries around the world, and all of them have also become my partners and colleagues.

In a few months, I’m set to reach the Platin Diamond rank, and I’m working towards this goal every day, around the clock. PLATINCOIN has become a real school for me! Thanks to this company, I have learned to motivate myself, achieve my goals, build effective communications with the people around me, and most importantly – I’ve learned to be patient. This isn’t the kind of business you can set up at the drop of a hat. You need determination, hard work, and a strong team that’s prepared to follow you.

What was your most significant success with PLATINCOIN?

I’d say it happened when I reached one of my most coveted goals – building a team of over 100 000 people. I’ve reached this goal a long time ago, and because of this, I now have a stable passive income coming in every month. I’m proud of my strong international team that’s been working with me for many years, and I know I can completely trust them. Isn’t that what success looks like?

Which of your team members make you especially proud?

Special thanks are in order for those who have helped and supported me since I started this journey. I’m talking about Heiko Bärike, Orlando Vincelio, Ulrich Fischer, Ronny Röricht, Ronald Weber, Dhanisch Sharma, and many other partners. I’m proud that I know them! Together, we have achieved immense personal growth and reached astonishing goals. Our motto is still the same: “The time is now!” 

What was especially difficult for you when you started working?

The most difficult aspect came with searching for new partners. It was difficult to inspire people with the concept behind PLATINCOIN and find people who are prepared to work with us. 

It was also difficult (but also a lot of fun) to spend so much time traveling. Although actually, this is more of a plus than a minus. Thanks to PLATINCOIN, I got a chance to see the world, not only meeting international partners, but also learning about different cultures, traditions, and cuisine. This experience was not only intense, but it was also really exciting, leaving behind many warm memories. And many of these partners ended up becoming my friends.

Did you encounter any disappointments? How did you overcome them?

I introduced many excellent partners to PLATINCOIN, but unfortunately, many of them lacked the necessary bravery and work ethic, and they ultimately parted ways with PLATINCOIN. In these moments, I was always upset by the fact that I wasn’t able to inspire people with my belief in this idea. But I still appreciate the experience, because it taught me to keep moving forward despite any obstacles, always focusing on my plans and goals!