The star of today’s interview is our Green Diamond partner, Josefa Elisabeth Bucher from Germany. She shared her story of partnering with PLATINCOIN, offering valuable advice and motivation!

Tell us a little about how you joined PLATINCOIN. Where and when did you first hear about the company?

I became a PLATINCOIN partner back in August 2017 in Dusseldorf. I heard about the company from my friend and mentor, Holger von Prondinsky. He also invited me to a conference organized by Alex Reinhardt. I remember that I was very impressed by his vision for the future of the company, the market and the entire world. Alex was burning with the idea of improving the lives of thousands of people. I’m always inspired by leaders and innovators, especially those with noble goals. Moreover, PLATINCOIN provided a chance to work with cryptocurrencies, and I’ve recognized the potential of this field for a long time. 

Did you have any previous experience with network marketing?

No, I never came across this field before joining PLATINCOIN, and I never expected to become a part of it. 

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you have worked with before? Is there something special about this company?

PLATINCOIN offers something absolutely innovative and extremely promising. Like I said, I was inspired by ambition, by the idea, and PLATINCOIN had the full package, unlike many other companies. They go beyond selling products to transform the world and move it forward. 

What's your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

There are currently 337 people in my structure, but this is not the limit. I dream of giving financial independence to as many people as possible, including myself, so I’m confident that the best is yet to come.

What have you already gained from working with PLATINCOIN? What do you consider to be your greatest success?

Thanks to PLATINCOIN, I no longer worry about money or wonder how I can earn more. I have a stable income, great financial benefits, steady career growth and, most importantly, an opportunity to meet many new people from all around the globe. Words can’t express how many loyal friends I have made in the company during this time! This is already a great success for me, and of course I’m also proud of myself for reaching the Green Diamond rank.

What is the most difficult thing when it comes to working with the company?

It was only difficult at the beginning, when I didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this area. I spent a long time figuring out the plan for receiving payments and just as much time learning to find and attract new partners. But it’s much easier now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. 

What was the most memorable PLATINCOIN event for you?

I especially remember the trip to Venice, which I won in 2018. This was when I first started working with PLATINCOIN, so the trip was a strong motivation for me.

Can you share any funny moments? Maybe not from working with the company, but from your own life...

A funny moment from life... Hmm... Well, my godfather used to sell cattle. I was a typical farm girl, you know, and my job was to sell the piglets raised by my family to my godfather. This was my first sales experience! Since then, I’ve always loved sales – but I’m happy that I no longer sell piglets, but a really worthwhile product that benefits people.

What was your greatest achievement with PLATINCOIN?

I was one of the first sellers in Prague and it was a whole adventure! Perhaps someday I will even write a book about it, there’s so much to share, but there’s not enough time in an interview. 

Okay, tell us about your team. Who are you particularly proud of? What about competition and training in general?

Naturally, I am proud of all my partners, but I especially admire Jeroen, Pierre and Eugen. As for competition, I don't feel it at all - we don’t have it in our team. We all support each other. I mostly learn from other people’s experiences, but I still go my own way. And I wish you the same! After all, only your own unique path will lead you where you need to go.