The star of today’s interview is Michela Frisoni, a Green Diamond partner from Italy. Michela told us how she joined PLATINCOIN, what she has already gained from the company, and how she plans to achieve career growth in the future.

When did you join PLATINCOIN? What inspired you to join?

I joined the company relatively recently, in 2020. Many things inspired me to join: the concept that promises to help people around the world, the lifestyle promoted by the company, and a profitable marketing plan that made it possible to earn real money. I quickly made my choice, and I’ve never regretted it since then. 

How did you hear about the company?

From a friend we met at another networking company.

So you already had some experience in network marketing?

Yes, I started working in this area back in 1990, at the famous Amway, and after that I developed my career in several other MLMs. Although I have always had high ranks and seemingly significant profits, I was always unlucky. Every time I was successful, something happened within the company, and my career inevitably suffered. Either because of a leadership change, bankruptcy, or something else.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you have worked with in the past?

PLATINCOIN is a lifestyle that can transform the lives of many people, and there aren’t many other opportunities for this. It’s an “ethical” project full of potential, both for regular people and businesses. We can build a wonderful world with this company!

What did you gain from working at PLATINCOIN?

You could say this company gave me my dream career! After all, there are no frameworks, restrictions, or prohibitions here. This allowed me to finally apply my unique QSC teaching method. In addition, I now earn an average of € 9,000 to € 12,000 every month. I never dreamed of such numbers while working in other companies! By the way, I have four children, and I’m also teaching them how to be successful networkers. I hope we will continue this work for generations.

What's your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

I’d like to remain the number one partner in Italy. I need to prove that my school, my team is the best place to learn next-generation network marketing. I will definitely become a Double Platin Diamond! And very soon.

How many people are in your structure at the moment?

900 partners. We are growing very quickly!

Are there some people on your team that you are especially proud of?

I am proud of Diamond Barbara Tagliento because her confidence gave me the strength to join PLATINCOIN after huge disappointment with other projects. Yes, this is the same friend who brought me to the company from the previous one. Thank you so much!

What is your most memorable moment from working with PLATINCOIN?

My first meeting with Alex Reinhardt in Senigallia. He's an amazing person! His ambitions, public speaking skills, goals and plans for the future of the company are all incredibly inspiring. I will always remember our joint dinners with the team... There’s always a lot of talking and fun! 

Share your most significant achievement at PLATINCOIN.

Of course, my biggest achievement is my Green Diamond rank. I achieved it in just one year, although I took a 2-month break from work twice. As you can see, if I set a goal for myself, then I always get results, no matter how long it takes to achieve them.

Do you experience competition at work? Does it hinder or help you?

Competition is everywhere, in any profession and niche, and it gives me the strength to move forward. After all, what is the point of participating in a race when you are alone on the track? Building a career is like a race. And I love it!