The hero of today’s interview is Reinhard Biedermann, a Green Diamond partner from Germany. He explained why he chose PLATINCOIN, how the company has helped him survive a crisis in her life and the obstacles he’s had to overcome to achieve success.

When did you join PLATINCOIN?

I joined back in June 2018. I can't even believe that several years have already passed ... Time goes by so quickly!

What made you decide to join the company?

Before joining PLATINCOIN, I was a banker and I had already been working with Bitcoin for 2-3 years. I am firmly convinced that cryptocurrencies are the future of the world economy, so I have always been interested in their potential and tools. I was extremely impressed by the PLATINCOIN concept and by Alex Reinhardt himself. He knows exactly what he wants and knows how to see hidden opportunities even where they aren’t immediately obvious. With my extensive knowledge of finance and stock markets, I know how to realistically evaluate both people and companies, so I can confidently say that PLATINCOIN is very, very promising.

At the time, I was also struggling with serious health problems, I couldn’t continue working at the usual pace. And PLATINCOIN allows you to work directly from home, and earn several times more than usual.

How did you hear about PLATINCOIN? Most people are invited to the company by current partners ...

My case was somewhat different. I learned about PLATINCOIN from a regular email newsletter back in 2017, but I wasn’t particularly interested in the company's offer at the time (I was working on other projects). However, a year later I happened to attend a company congress, where I ended up joining a heated discussion with 3-4 people working at PLATINCOIN. That was when I decided to join and I was invited by an amazing partner. By the way, he turned out to be my old acquaintance, who had previously worked with me for several years.

Do you have any previous experience with network marketing? How is it different from the PLATINCOIN experience?

Yes, I have worked in some grocery chains, and I even helped build a health and water trading company in 2008 when it first opened. But it’s worth noting that I never made as much money with any of the other companies as I did with PLATINCOIN.

Additionally, no other companies have offered such fast and reliable payments. PLATINCOIN is a really large company where you can constantly grow without spending any money. Yes, you need to invest in your education and development, like in any other profession, but here the investment remains at the discretion of the partner. You don’t get scammed out of your money as you would with a typical MLM.

What's your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

Achieving the highest rank, of course! Ideally, I plan to reach Red or Black even before the convention in Dubai, which is scheduled for November.

Tell us about your structure. How many people are in your structure?

There are currently 315 people in my structure, and I am proud of all of them! All of them helped me to understand something new, shared their own experiences and knowledge, because this structure is based on a continuous exchange. I hardly even need to help some of my partners, they are so independent. They’re natural born leaders and great friends!

What about competition? Do you ever experience it in the company?

I never notice it! PLATINCOIN is the best company, precisely because there’s no competition here at all. Like I said, the company operates on the principle of mutual exchange of experience and knowledge. I try to participate in almost every CafeTalk, kick-off training and webinar in the company. I also try to help my superior mentors or other partners if they encounter any difficulties, and they, in turn, try to help me. Work and progress at PLATINCOIN isn’t driven by competition, but by motivation. A sense of responsibility that we bear for the future of the company and our structures. This is the best incentive to keep doing what you are doing.

What did you gain from working with PLATINCOIN?

My mindset has completely changed over the past year. I started thinking on a much larger scale, because now my job is about more than just making money. This is a way to change the world and the lives of thousands of people for the better.

What's your biggest success with the company?

I have finally achieved financial freedom. But, more importantly, my friends and partners have achieved the same. I’ve tried to help all of them start their own business, teach them how to run it, and achieve professional growth at the same time.

I’m also proud that I’ve built my structure from scratch, not once, but twice. 9 months after we started, my team already had two partners of the Diamond rank (while I hadn’t yet reached that rank), but no one in the team was working anymore. Many people quit. Then I decided that it wasn’t scary, I would achieve success on my own and start all over again. The second time, I managed to bring together some really purposeful partners who are still faithful to our structure.

What was the most difficult thing for you in your work?

The initially limited thinking of many people who were really interested in PLATINCOIN, but were skeptical of others, so they got scared and refused to put in the work. Because of these people, my structure failed for the first time. Fortunately, this is all in the past.

Share your most memorable company event!

My best memories are from Prague in 2019 and Berlin in 2020. And, of course, our recent trip to Dubai, where we rented a whole yacht and had a great time.

Have you experienced any disappointments?

Have I ever been disappointed with PLATINCOIN? No! If you are talking about disappointment in general, then, of course, yes, this happened. Twice, I was completely financially ruined, and my health was damaged as a result. I learned two lessons from this: the only one person who can change your life is you! Just because I’ve fallen, doesn’t mean I should take it lying down. The last time this happened, PLATINCOIN helped me get back on my feet, and now I am sure that I will stand firmly on my feet for many years to come!