The star of today’s interview Roland Tata Njamnsi — our partner from Cameroon, who joined PLATINCOIN only two years ago, but has already achieved impressive results. With over 20 000 people in his structure, Roland Tata Njamnsi joined us to share his story of joining the company.

Tell us when and how you joined PLATINCOIN. 

I joined the company in 2019. I even remember the day clearly - March 1. A truly significant date in my life. I’m from Cameroon, and when I first heard about PLATINCOIN, I had already burned myself more than once at other companies operating according to Ponzi schemes. The companies where I had previously worked turned out to be regular financial pyramids, yes, and they selfishly exploited my limited knowledge about cryptocurrencies. After this disastrous experience, I decided to do a lot of research to understand exactly how cryptocurrencies work and whether it’s actually possible to make money with them. My research led me to PLATINCOIN. At first I was afraid that this was another Ponzi scheme, but I took a chance ... And since then, I have never looked back.

So you discovered PLATINCOIN by accident? Online? 

Not really. While I was researching cryptocurrencies, I talked to many other people in the field. A friend of mine, whom I met back in the days of network marketing, also became interested in cryptocurrencies. He told me about a company called PLATINCOIN, and so I started doing my own research on this company.

So you already had some experience with network marketing. In your opinion, what makes PLATINCOIN different from other projects? 

PLATINCOIN is truly unique in its focus on constantly improving and updating its technologies. It's a whole ecosystem! And it is constantly evolving. New products allow members to improve their lives and earn even more money. This is the main difference for me.

What else have you gained from working with PLATINCOIN?

At the very least, I’ve found a solution to my past financial problems and at most – complete financial freedom and confidence in the future. PLATINCOIN has helped me recover all my past financial losses from Ponzi schemes. The company also gave me the opportunity to travel, see the world and meet world-class leaders.

There’s another reason why I especially appreciate PLATINCOIN - the company gave me all the necessary tools to help people of my age, as well as those who are older and younger. I also got to meet the greatest visionary in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain - the CEO of PLATINCOIN, Alex Reinhardt. This already means a lot to me. Today, thanks to him and his company, I am a recognized specialist in blockchain technology in my country, where people respect me and turn to me for help. I owe everything I have to PLATINCOIN. 

What is your ultimate goal at PLATINCOIN?

I want to get a Double Platin Pack, of course! We all strive to increase our ranks, because this leads to greater bonuses and a higher income. Today, I already have 22 634 people in my structure, which I am very proud of, but I want to keep moving to achieve even greater and more ambitious goals.

What was your greatest success at PLATINCOIN? Have you ever experienced any difficulties? 

My biggest success was undoubtedly becoming a Purple Diamond and creating a team where everyone helps each other. The only difficulty with PLATINCOIN was getting started. After all, at that time I was broke after losing all my money in Ponzi schemes. So my start in the company was rather slow, but with PLATINCOIN I quickly recovered and entered the right momentum.

What was the most memorable moment at PLATINCOIN? Share some funny or exciting stories.

Most of all, I remember the event in October 2020, where we met with the great leaders of the cryptocurrency world on the Lotus yacht. This memory still warms me today.

And as for funny moments ... Well, I wouldn’t say they were funny, but I’ve had some exciting moments. For example, when I witnessed the reaction of some PLATINCOIN members who had never left their country before, and then suddenly started traveling around the world with the company. There was pure delight on their faces!

Are there any people in your team that make you especially proud? 

Yes, there is - my wife! She is my number one mentor. We work together to this day, she’s my best business partner.

And what about the rest ... I don't know whose name to give you, because my team is full of really strong leaders who will stop at nothing to see PLC become the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. So I am equally proud of every member of my team.


Do you maintain a competitive atmosphere at work?

We believe in teamwork. Only by working together, helping and supporting each other, can you achieve truly tremendous results. Of course, there is always competition in marketing, but we are more focused on sharing experience than on rivalry. In our team, everyone learns from each other, and this allows our team to grow relentlessly.