The star of today’s interview is Ullrich Fischer, a 75 year old partner from Germany with the Purple Diamond rank. He talked about the most difficult and entertaining moments from his work, while also sharing insider tips on building a team and his goals for the future.

How did you become a PLATINCOIN partner?

This happened back in May 2017, when no one had really heard about the company yet. I’m from Germany, and the very first PLATINCOIN meetings were held there. I was persuaded to try working for the company by my sponsor Dirk Fricke and, of course, Alex Reinhardt himself. Yes, he’s very charismatic! Although, of course, this isn’t the only reason. Like everyone else, I have always dreamed of getting financial freedom and securing my future. And PLATINCOIN is the only company I’ve come across that makes that possible.

Did you have any experience in network marketing at that point?

I didn’t have any. I worked in online marketing for 15 years, but I was unable to achieve my financial goals there and I wasn’t satisfied with the income. So I had to say goodbye to online marketing, and I started searching for new opportunities to earn money. PLATINCOIN is the safest regulated company in the all-new cryptocurrency market. Its ecosystem is unique. Most marketing companies only promise results, and PLATINCOIN gives them immediately. So I didn’t regret leaving online marketing at all.

How many partners are currently in your team? What are you most proud of? 

Today there are over 3200 partners in my structure. This is already a good reason for pride, isn't it? Especially considering that I am already 75 years old. I am now a Purple Diamond, but I am striving to reach the Black Diamond rank and I am sure that will happen soon. Thanks to PLATINCOIN, not only have I made many business connections, but I’ve also made friends! I’m serious. I’ve never had as many friends as I do now, even during my school days.

What was the hardest part of your job? Most people usually mention that they had the most trouble in the beginning…

Yes, I partly agree with them. Getting started is always difficult. But it’s no less difficult every time I want to convince new acquaintances to enter the market, when they don’t even suspect this market exists. Even though blockchain and cryptocurrencies are thriving today, many people are still unfamiliar with them. For this reason, there is a lot of mistrust towards these technologies, because people don’t understand how they work.

Tell us about a pleasant memory you have that’s connected to PLATINCOIN. What was especially memorable for you?

Two of the most memorable moments for me were the 2018 event in Dubai and the 2019 event in Prague. Feeling the enthusiasm of thousands of partners was a unique experience. I was inspired and energized for years to come!

I’ve also experienced many entertaining moments. When you work with a team of dedicated friends and supporters, the number of funny situations is impossible to count. For example, once an entrepreneur bought a large package from us, but at the same time he stressed that he would never, under any circumstances, engage in marketing. Of course, ten days later he called me and said that he had three friends who also wanted to join. When we met, I jokingly reminded him of his marketing statement, and we laughed together. This man went from "never" to becoming one of the best partners in my structure.

Have you ever been disappointed in the company, your team, or yourself? 

Hmm, nothing even comes to mind. Apparently, I really didn’t experience any real disappointments while working at PLATINCOIN. It has always been obvious that achieving my goals takes a certain amount of time. So, if I fail to achieve some goal right away, I never give up on myself or anyone else - I just keep working. With this approach, I never feel frustrated.

Is there any competition between your partners? How do they exchange their experience with each other? 

Competition is an integral part of any kind of marketing. And not only marketing ... Any business and development in general! Find at least one area of ​​life without any competition, and I will tell you that this field is dead. Competition is an excellent motivator, it helps you keep moving to avoid stagnation. At PLATINCOIN, rivalry is enjoyable because it benefits everyone.

Exchanging experience also benefits everyone. If rivalry is the gas pedal, exchange of experience is the fuel in the engine of marketing. Personally, I rely on the successful experience of my sponsor and top partners. By watching others and learning from their victories and mistakes, we can always reach our goal faster. So the exchange of experience at PLATINCOIN is vital and ongoing.

How would you describe your team? Are you proud of your team members?

I am very proud of the fact that all the people on my team are friends. I am also proud that they have made this decision to change their lives. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the courage to leave their comfort zone, even if it hasn’t really brought them comfort for a long time. So all the members of my team are leaders and mentally strong people, since they weren’t afraid to take risks. I am happy to see more that there are more and more such people around. Everyone deserves to live the way they want!