Dear Partners!

Spring is a time for renewal. Here at PLATINCOIN, we’ve decided to carry out large-scale updates not only of our products, but of the entire network module. Following the network module update, partners will receive 66% of the company's total income!

Let’s talk about everything in order.

Changes in the line of Direct and Team bonuses 

From now on, within the Direct and Team bonuses, instead of earning an income from six levels, partners will be able to earn from fifteen levels! The total income from Direct and Team bonuses will not be 43%, as before, but it will reach as much as 53% of the partners' turnover - the PLATINCOIN affiliate program will become one of the deepest and most profitable in the industry!

You can see the distribution of percentages by level in the infographic below:

Rank Bonus Changes: a new rank and a new distribution of commissions 

PLATINCOIN offers some of the most impressive rank bonuses out of all existing network projects. But we decided to keep going, so we’ve created a new rank - Triple Platin Diamond. Partners who reach this rank will receive a reward of 10,000,000 euros! The required turnover to reach the rank is EUR 500,000,000.

The commissions of the Diamond Infinity Bonus have also changed - now, you can get up to 11% from partner purchases with this bonus.

As a reminder, the Diamond Infinity Bonus is available to all partners with the Diamond rank and above. It allows you to receive passive income of up to 11% for all partner purchases, regardless of the depth of the level, subject to the volume of purchases above € 5000 in the first 3 lines.

Fast and Turbo Bonuses have been discontinued

Our Fast and Turbo Bonuses are no longer available from May 2021. These bonuses were launched as a pilot one year ago. During this year, we analyzed the effectiveness of bonuses and their popularity among our users. Unfortunately, after analyzing the data on these bonuses over the past year, we can see that our users didn’t appreciate the possibilities of these bonuses and practically didn’t use them in their work. Therefore, we decided to focus on the most popular bonuses in our community - Diamond Infinity, Direct and Team bonuses, and we will focus on improving them.

And that's not all! Very soon, we will launch a new product that will become a link between the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform and the PLATINCOIN community, and at the same time serve as a powerful driver of the growth of the popularity of our crowdfunding platform.

At PLATINCOIN, we are creators and want to implement as many projects as possible on PLATIN HERO. Our updated network marketing system and new product will help us to achieve this. Thanks to them, the number of coins in circulation in the market will decrease and the price per coin will increase, which will allow us to support even more projects!

We are confident that these updates in network marketing will help you develop your teams more actively and reach new ranks faster! Let's all work together to reach our goal of 10 million people in the PLATINCOIN community by 2025!