Dear Partners!

We are pleased to announce a grand new promo! Get ready for something legendary!

We previously introduced the conditions for acquiring a place in the PLATINCOIN blockchain, when we announced that places would be sold separately from packs at a price of €10 000. This is a reasonable price for a technology that allows you to make money on every transaction in a global crypto system with tenfold annual growth. 

To make sure that our innovative technologies are available to as many people as possible, giving them an opportunity to improve their lives with PLATINCOIN, we have put together all of our super products into one bundle as part of a promo that will can definitely be called a real legend — LIMITED EDITION LEGENDARY PROMO!

LEGENDARY PROMO is your chance to buy all of our top PLATINCOIN products at once. We have to confess that we’re a little jealous of those of you who will participate in this promo – this is definitely the most profitable promo in the history of PLATINCOIN!

Here’s a detailed overview of the conditions of this promo:

  • Buy LIMITED EDITION Plus Double Pack for a price of €1070 to get one place in the blockchain, one Power Minter Promo with a value of €110 and a PLATINCOIN debit card;
  • Buy LIMITED EDITION Premium Double Pack for a price of €5350 and get seven places in the blockchain,seven Power Minter Promo each valued at €110, PLC Secure Box valued at €6000, and a PLATINCOIN debit card;
  • Buy LIMITED EDITION Platin Double Pack for a price of €9951 and get 14 places in the blockchain, 14 Power Minter Promo each valued at €110, PLC Secure Box valued at €6000 with a 20-year guarantee and a PLATINCOIN debit card. 

This promotion is your unique opportunity to get the best PLATINCOIN products at an attractive price and obtain a guaranteed passive income for many years ahead! You have only one week left to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a co-owner of the PLATINCOIN blockchain and secure a lifetime income from all PLC transactions! 

What else will you get?

In addition to places in our blockchain, you will also receive all the advantages of our bestseller, Double Minting Pack! This is a complex technological product that allows you to receive an annual return up to 30% through long-term investment! You can find more information on the earning potential of this product on our blog.

This is an unprecedented promotion because it allows you to purchase all the products developed by PLATINCOIN engineers for uninterrupted creation of passive income! For example, PLC Secure Box is a unique device that replaces large energy-intensive crypto farms. The box creates new coins using the minting technology that is used in all our products. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to use the PLC Secure Box – transactions are automatically processed without the user’s involvement. Unlike other PLATINCOIN products, this box does not have any limits on max load. You can load an infinite amount of coins into this device, which will then generate an additional 10% of this amount each year. For more information on the technology inside this box, check out this article on our blog.

Another super product that can be yours if you participate in this promo is the PLC Debit Card. This is a debit card that can be topped up with PLC coins, Bitcoin, or fiat money, and used to make purchases in any country in the world! 

Would you like to secure the right to earn a share of the global PLATINCOIN turnover for the rest of your life? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take advantage of our promo! You can choose and purchase the right pack for your needs on your personal account page: