PLATINCOIN is a dynamic fintech project. Our developers keep creating innovative products, marketing team arranges large-scale events, and the community continues to grow every day. Today, we are pleased to announce still another new product — Minting Double Packs!

Every year, PLATINCOIN creates an ever growing number of products, achieves new highs and comes up with newsworthy occurrences. And 2020 has already broken all records! Our new product is the result of several major innovations and developments at PLATINCOIN. We will tell you about them below.

Focus on Dubai

PLATINCOIN has been on the market for three years and our community currently boasts over half a million people from 120 countries. We have set ourselves an even more ambitious goal for 2020 — we want our community to reach 5 million people, who will have access to all the opportunities the innovative blockchain technology offers.

This was the primary reason that prompted us to improve our product line.

Meet Minting Double Packs! 

The international market’s specifics

As we prepare for the Dubai event, we continue our expansion worldwide. While previously PLATINCOIN users were concentrated in Eastern and Western Europe, from this year on we are actively expanding into new markets — Asia, Africa and Latin America. Alex Reinhardt participated inChain 2020as one of the main speakers, the world’s largest blockchain conference held in Hong Kong on January 15 and this move has greatly facilitated PLATINCOIN’s entry to the Asian market. Click here to find all the details of this major event.

In 2020, PLATINCOIN has already held 6 events — in Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We have scheduled another ten in the coming two months and 30 high-profile events by the year-end. Hundreds of the strongest leaders around the world boasting huge teams have already joined us — and we have 11 months of efficient work ahead!

The crypto currency market in this region has its own peculiarities. People in Asia, Africa and Latin America earn less than the Europeans. But their desire to learn, grow, develop and invest in new technologies is as strong as in Europe. That is why we decided to create a product with an even more explosive economic model that would offer its users faster earnings. That’s how Minting Double Packs have come about!

Minting Double Packs are a combination of the best PLATINCOIN products

Our most successful product is the Minting Unit, which in the last two years has been setting its own sales records month after month. It has become a ticket to the crypto universe for hundreds of thousands of our partners. And the innovative Power Minter has become its logical continuation enabling to generate passive income on the crypto currency.

Thanks to the updated blockchain, which underpins the Power Minter, PLATINCOIN users can now enjoy a higher level of security. Minting has come to be 100% concentrated in the users’ hands — they can monitor their changing balances directly from smartphone screens. Users are free to retrieve, spend, transfer, store, inherit coins and do other operations in a cheap, prompt and safe manner.

It appears to be a perfect product, doesn’t it? It is perfect, but we have come up with an idea of how to make it even better! We are pleased to present our Minting Double Packs to you!

Minting Double Packs combine our two best products — Minting Unit and Power Minter. On the one hand, the Minting Unit mints coins for you every day for 36 months enabling you to build a sound basic income, and on the other, the Power Minter with its 30% return per annum allows you to build an almost unlimited passive income for 10 years from the moment you buy a Minting Double Pack. However, you need to understand that in order to receive passive income from your Power Minter, you have to load coins into its PLC Farm. Detailed instructions on how to do that are presented in our blog. Where can you get coins to load the farm at 30% per annum? You can either load the minted coins from your Minting Unit t, or buy them from an exchanger or at a cryptocurrency exchange, or get coins from multiple market participants.

The Minting Double Pack line includes seven products:

Meet Minting Double Packs! 


We will now tell you how it will operate using an example:

Imagine you can buy a magic money box bringing you daily basic income for 36 months, where you can put additional coins and their number will increase by 30% per annum starting from the very first coin. Moreover, the coins in the money box do not get frozen or burnt, they are available to you 24/7 365 days a year and generate a passive income for you!

However, a few conditions apply:

  • the money box has a limit similar to available space of a virtual disk, which can be increased by buying additional space;
  • by increasing the limit, you will be able to put more and more coins into the money box, thereby increasing your passive profit;
  • the limit can be increased at any time.

All settlements in Minting Double Packs will be made in PLC, one of the most stable coins in the market. It means that if the coin grows in price, you will get higher earnings! You remember about the company’s plan to increase the PLATINCOIN community to 5 million users this year, don’t you? It means that the coin’s rate may grow not only up to 10 euros, but also up to 50 euros!

The question is not whether PLATINCOIN will change the world, but how it will change your world. Let’s grow together!

You can buy the new product right now using the link