Dear Partners!

Our technical team continues to actively work on the PLATINCOIN crypto system. We’ve recently created a new release offering several important improvements in the system: we’ve launched our new profitable Leader Bonus, updated our marketing, and added the option of getting a Power Minter for donations on PLATIN HERO. In this article, we’ll tell you everything in order.

Changes in marketing and new Leader Bonus

We’ve slightly changed our network marketing in this release: the Direct bonus is now 20%, the Team Bonus is 7% starting from the second level, 3% from the third to fifth levels, and 1% from the 6th to the 15th levels. We’ve also introduced a powerful new Leader Bonus, which will allow you to receive an additional bonus for every successful partner. With the Leader Bonus, you can earn money every time partners in your structure reach the JADE rank. The bonus applies to a depth of five levels with dynamic compression. The size of the bonus will range from 15 to 200 euros.

The bonus is credited as soon as your partner reaches the rank. The more partners you help rise up the PLATINCOIN career ladder, the more you earn! We’re confident that this bonus will not only give you new bonuses, but also help our partners reach new ranks much faster.

Now, you will get a Power Minter for each donation! 

As part of the latest release, we have added an update that allows all donors to receive a Farm for every donation! The Max Load of the bonus farm will be four times larger than the donation amount. The Farm will operate for three years, with an annual minting rate of 30%.

It’s extremely simple: if you donate 1000 PLC, then your Farm will have a max load of 4000 PLC. And if you freeze the entire max load for three years, then the Farm characteristics will all double: instead of three years, it will operate for six years, and the max load will also double. So if you freeze 4000 PLC, the Max Load of your Farm will rise to 8000 PLC, with an operating term of 6 years. These features will be activated within the next couple days.

This update is an important step towards consolidating all our services. We are confident that this update will allow us to increase our user base and speed up completion on project campaigns. Support project, freeze coins, and mint even more PLC with products in the PLATINCOIN crypto system!

We are confident that these updates will become effective and useful tools for each of you, allowing you to achieve your goals even faster! In the meantime, our team continues to work hard, with upcoming updates to our block explorer and blockchain and the launch of blockchain places. Follow the updates on our blog and social networks to be the first to hear the latest news!