We are pleased to announce that our new product line “Minting-Units” is available. That means another step forward in implementing our strategy, which was discussed at the Dubai event. Thus we open a new page in the PLATINCOIN story!

Our vision remains unchanged – we apply the most unique technologies and make them easy to understand and accessible to people. And our new product proves this – we provide broad access to the unique minting technology. In order to use it you will not have to become an expert in complex technological processes or compete with other participants.

Just three steps and you will start getting as many new coins as you wish:

  1. Register with the PLATINCOIN through the partnership link or https://platincoin.com.
  2. Download the Wallet. Just click the Wallets Section on the Dashboard and download the Wallet to your PC or mobile phone.
  3. Select the Minting Units package and pay the rent.

New product line by PLATINCOIN

The hardware for the PLC-Minting is rented in the PLC data centers and connected to the system. A Minting unit contains a:

  • the hardware required for minting;
  • Your unique user ID as proof of ownership of this Minting Unit;
  • an extended Blockchain single node as software;
  • the installed blockchain wallet with the system-provided coins necessary for successful minting;
  • A controller that ensures the automatic and correct crediting of the minted coins.

The Minting process runs for 36 months. During this time, new coins will be created daily for you, which will be added to your Dashboard – the Available Balance first. After a successful verification and the connection of the PLC wallet, the user can add the coins to his blockchain wallet independently. After paying the rental price for the Minting hardware, we will connect your Minting unit to our network and in a few days you will get the first minted coins.Max Rate indicator will monthly calculate minting coins output and speed. Minted coins will be credited to your account every day – once a day.


Important: when the Minting Unit is paid for, the number of rented PLC coins does not change during the whole period of operation and it does not depend on later changes of the index on the PLATINCOIN platform.

*Let’s suppose we have chosen the PLATIN MINTER Unit and the PLC index at the moment of calculation is 5.

The operation duration is 36 months.

The number of rented coins in the pre-installed Wallet (Hard Wallet) is 10. 044 PLC.

The Maximum rate (Max Rate) of coin minting per month is 83.7 PLC.

A simple calculation: 83.7 PLC х 36 months = 3013.2 PLC will be minted during the whole period of renting the PLATIN MINTER Unit.

The Coins provided by the system are, due to the technology, an integral part of the Minting Process. The user does not own these coins.

The new product line is a link between the network marketing and the crypto market, and should become an integral part of our partner relationships.

The training packages are no longer part of the PLATINCOIN product, but the PLC Academy is still working, you can watch the online lessons and learn new skills.

We thank you for your personal commitment. We look forward to a continued successful cooperation.