On Monday, on the day that marked the PLATINCOIN birthday, two webinars dedicated to this special event were hosted by Alex Reinhardt. Our Russian webinar brought together more than 5000 participants, while the German webinar attracted over 6000 guests! These two hours were absolutely phenomenal. Alex Reinhardt took stock of the company’s results over the past four years on the market. He talked about the difficulties he encountered along the way, how nobody believed him in the beginning, and how PLATINCOIN became a leader in today’s market.

More than 11 000 participants who joined the webinar received promo codes for a gift worth 1100 euros! What’s more, Alex Reinhardt provided all participants with the Money Education course as a gift. The Money Education program features 15 courses on the most in-demand areas, with a total value exceeding $2000! The program includes courses on developing financial and leadership skills which will enable partners to achieve success in sales, acquiring special knowledge in sales, negotiations, teamwork, and business management, as well as practical tools based on Alex Reinhardt’s personal experience.

The webinar featured another surprise, as Alex Reinhardt announced an upcoming book release on how to become #1! The book will be released in the first quarter of 2021 and will be available in 4 languages!

Everyone who joined these webinars absolutely loved them! With such a strong finish to 2020, there’s no doubt that we have an even more intense 2021 ahead, with massive releases, new office openings in different parts of the world, and even more awesome events!