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We are glad to announce that PLATINCOIN is growing!

Let us officially introduce our new company Platin Genesis DMCC. It has been opened in Dubai (UAE) early 2018 .

The heart of PLATINCOIN remains in Zug. Our technology center in Switzerland will be able to focus on the developments and inventions created specially for PLATINCOIN project and their production implementation.

Platin Genesis DMCC in Dubai is designed to accompany every user’s step in the system, and now it’s the responsibility of this office to ensure your comfortable participation in the PLATINCOIN project. We are expecting really bright results from Platin Genesis in Dubai: it can take PLATINCOIN community to an even larger, truly global level.

This is the reason our new event will be held in Dubai. We invite you on March 24, 2018 to appreciate the cordiality of the new office and celebrate with us PLATINCOIN entering exchange.


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March 4, 2018

Скоро мир познакомится с новой криптосистемой!

May 22, 2018

YOU ARE A CHAMPION, when you buy your first INFORMATION pack
and MINING 36 months from 107.00 euros with your PASSIVE that will stay
ACTIVE with 20 PLC with daily stock valuation http://www.yobit.net and in our BACKOFFICE
in the formation of the WORK NETWORK up to (11) level UNILEVER