As PLATINCOIN gains recognition, it attracts increasingly more attention. We welcome the interest mass media outlets, prospective investors and partners demonstrate. However, we’d like to specifically warn you about a rising risk to attract fraudster attention.

Our service units are doing their best to protect our users’ accounts from theft. But there are certain vulnerabilities that only the user can protect. That’s why we request you to follow, in your own best interests, all safety rules to avoid unpleasant situations. Please take special note of our recommendations on the steps to be taken if such a situation occurs.

Illegal cash withdrawal

First and foremost, we request you to be very attentive and handle with care the confidential information about your wallet – that includes your pin codes, passwords and addresses. You create them on your own and later store all confidential information about your wallet. That’s why you are the only person responsible for protecting it.

Please note that PLATINCOIN service units do not and should not have access to your wallet’s contents. This means that we are not in a position to safeguard them. Please take steps to prevent theft, for it is easer than to eliminate its consequences.

What should you do if you realise that some money has been illegally withdrawn from your account?

First, in order to safeguard the money remaining in your wallet you should transfer it to another one. Then you can eliminate from you device your hacked wallet with all its contents.

To remove the wallet, go to the Settings in your wallet and select PLC wallet removal.

Wallet hacking

If you suspect that your wallet has been hacked, inform PLATINCOIN service unit immediately. After your message we will block all wallets connected to your account.

In order to later unlock your wallet you will have to give us its address. Please note that we will not be in a position to recover the coins withdrawn from your wallet during hacking, as we have no access to the contents of our users’ wallets – it is one of the basic features of a distributed register.

General safety rules

Please follow some simple rules in order to safeguard you account and PLC wallet as well as prevent a repeat hacking and a virus attack:

Install professional anti-virus software on the device you use to enter the dashboard with your wallet.

  • Keep all codes and passwords in a safe place, don’t use cloud services or auto-complete features, decline offers to save your passwords in browsers.
  • Don’t give access to this device to anyone, not even family members or friends.
  • Before you open an Internet page, make sure that it is familiar to you and safe.
  • Before you open any electronic letter, make sure that it is from people you are familiar with and it doesn’t contain viruses.