24 March 2018

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Take your chance to attend one of the world’s most breathtaking events of 2018

Get oneof the desirable tickets now!

Dear friends, our community is constantly growing due to your enthusiasm and motivation! After a phenomenal event in Berlin, attended by about 2000 people, we invite you to meet in Dubai! PLATINCOIN DUBAI EVENT will be held on the territory of Atlantis, The Palm the one of the most famous hotels in the world and will consist of two different events.

Business-event will be held under the marble vaults of fascinating Dubai Atlantis, in a luxurious hall for 2200 seats. At the official part of the event, we will share news, present new products and, of course, honor the successful partners. It is in your powers to make it real: till that time you’d better achieve the next range, go on the stage of Atlantis and receive a check and a diamond bonus – it’s all in your power!

The second part, the White party, is a feast on one of the most famous and prestigious beaches of Dubai!

We understand that the opportunity to attend the event in Dubai will not be available for anyone who wants to participate in the event, because the number of seats is strictly limited. Therefore, hurry up to buy tickets in advance.

As usual the purchased tickets participate in the referral program for all 11 levels depending of the relevant qualification. So, you have a chance to quickly achieve the next range and develop your downline further! And please note: the earlier you buy a ticket, the more bonus PLC will you get, as the index grows higher every day!


The ocean of joy

The sea of impressions

Atlantis The Palm beach

Do not be discouraged if you can not get a ticket for the official part, you can become a guest of the White Party. This mega party will be held on the most famous beach of Dubai – on the island of Palm Jumeirah!

PLATINCOIN White Party is a white sand, a bewitching show, hot hits from a world famous DJ, a caressing sea of Dubai and like-minded people nearby.


  • A historic event in one of the largest financial centers in the world, leaving a lasting impression!
  • Presentation of the new steps and the strategy of PLATINCOIN!!
  • Meeting friends and like-minded people in the festive environment of an excellent banquet!
  • An opportunity to reach new ranges through extremely attractive tickets!
  • A commission potential worth approximately 35 million euros, which the company could distribute to all its partners!!
  • Room for honors and awards of ambitious and successful partners!
  • A mega-show that will last a lifetime!

…а holiday that will definitely surpass your expectations!


Celebrate with us the PLATINCOIN launch on the crypto exchange!


4 reasons to come to

Breathtaking and fascinating Dubai

The most beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates where business, White and joy of life meet. The city is known for luxury shops, ultra-modern architecture and a vibrant nightlife. Whether vacation or business event, experience the unique energy that gives you the faith to reach for the stars. Marvel at the successful progress, unsurpassed wealth and pure pleasure!

The dazzling luxury of Atlantis hotel

Atlantis The Palm is the magnificent architectural complex on the artificially created island of Palm Jumeirah. Many people dream of admiring the Hotel Atlantis from the outside. Even the sheikh used to the luxury are impressed by this masterpiece. You will not only see the Atlantis from the outside, you also take part in the event in the marble halls as well as at white sandy beach exclusively reserved for the White Party. Experience the magic world of Atlantis together with us!

The historical moment for the whole crypto world

This event is not only of great importance to the company, but also influential to the whole crypto scene. Being at this event means being the first to learn how history is rewritten.


In addition to all the wonderful news, great strategies and plans that we have in common with you allowing to implement further success, one thing must not be forgotten: celebrating previous successes! Enjoy with us the dawn of a new era, make a break for a moment and gather after your personal success strength, energy and zest for the next steps!

Be part of the story and participate in the most important event of PLATINCOIN!


PLATINCOIN has a rule: we create such conditions that our partners receive the maximum benefits from working with us. The cost of tickets purchased for PLATINCOIN DUBAI EVENT will be distributed over all 11 levels (according to the previously achieved qualification), which means that you will be able to quickly close ranks and get impressive bonuses.

The cost of tickets, depending on their price, includes the appropriate number of PLC on the current index on the day of purchase + action bonus PLC that will be credited to Dashboard.

PLATINCOIN DUBAI EVENT consists from two sensational seamlessly merging parts:

  • Business-event (registration and participation are essential for enrollment of bonus PLCs): from 10:00 to 17:00.
  • White Party (the entire beach club area of the Atlantis Hotel has been reserved exclusively for Platincoin guests): from 17:00 to 24:00.


Conditions for buying tickets and receiving bonuses

  • Both types of tickets, Business and White Party, will be sold through the system Platincoin.com.
  • Each ticket category has its own valuation basis for awarding the bonus PLC, according to the table below.
  • Every partner has a right to purchase tickets for the maximum amount of 100.000 €.
  • Your personal presence is necessary for the credit of the additional bonus-PLC of the Business-Ticket. You must be present in person (by yourself or by your trustee) in order to receive additional Bonus-PLC (maximum possible amount) on your ticket.
  • The highest PLATINCOIN BONUS PLC of + 150% is achieved through a Platin-Ticket when a business ticket has been purchased and also appears in person at the event in Dubai.
  • The owners of Business Tickets are allowed to participate both in Business Event and in White Party.
  • The owners of tickets to the White Party are allowed to participate in the White Party only. The entrance to the Business Event is not allowed.
  • The total number of Business Tickets in the system is limited and amounts to 2,200. The number of tickets to the White Party is limited to 4.800.
  • Please pay attention: the tickets to PLATINCOIN DUBAI EVENT cannot be purchased for T-Cash!
  • During the registration your Business-ticket will be scanned, and after that its owner will receive additional PLC within 30 days after the event.
  • When purchasing a White Party ticket, the additional Bonus PLC (see table) will be credited within 30 days of purchase.
  • The business ticket holder must print a ticket with a unique QR code and submit it upon entry.
  • Please note that tickets for the Dubai Event (Business and White Party) for 1,000 Euros (Silver Ticket) are currently not available for sale! Now you can only buy Gold Tickets and Platin Tickets. All payments through a bank transfer of 1000 euro will be credited to the Dashboard, but the purchase of a ticket and crediting of additional PLC will not be made. Of course, you can use all the credits in your dashboard to buy business packages.
  • A valid ID is required to attend the event.
  • Please appear in evening dress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is expressly prohibited that acceptance of funds and deposits take place on behalf of third parties. This means that all deposits for ticket purchases may only be made in your own name. If it is determined that the specified reference number does not match the account holder, the deposited amounts will be returned and the costs will be born by the payer. In this context, it must be ensured that the first and last name are given correctly in the profile. The management reserves the right to block the account in case of misuse.

The index is growing!
The earlier you will purchase tickets,
The more platincoins you are going to receive!


А special bonus from the Dubai Event: 30% commission Firstline for the next 3 months on all new products offered through Platincoin.com

Road to Dubai

In case of direct turnover of a partner from an own sponsored first-line in the amount of:

  • 20.000 € the organizer will cover the hotel costs for one person for a maximum of 2 nights.
    • 30.000 € including accomodation costs for the partner.
  • 50.000 € the organizer will cover the travelling costs for one person.
    • 75.000 € including the travelling costs for the partner.
  • 100.000 € the organizer will cover the hotel costs for 2 nights, flight for 2 persons and additionally the admission to the business event for one person.
    • 150.000 € he organizer will cover the hotel costs for 2 nights, flight for 2 persons and additionally the admission to the business event for two persons.

The cost of flight and accommodation at the hotel is predetermined by the company and will be credited to the cash account in the dashboard. It can differ both in the positive and in the negative side from the real. The right to visit means the possibility of free participation in both the Business Event and the White Party. If necessary, this right may be transferred to another person.

Tutorial for the deposit options