We would like to sincerely thank all of you who accepted our invitation and entered together with us a new stage in the PLATINCOIN’s life.

We thank all those who waited for the event and monitored our progress on the Internet. Your wholehearted confidence adds to our potential of working toward our common success.

We are still overwhelmed and impressed by the outstanding meeting with the PLATINCOIN community in Dubai. However, today we are ready to sum up some initial results and share with you the news we all heard at the event.

PLATINCOIN EVOLUTION. News from the Platincoin Dubai Event

  • PLATINCOIN has grown and got stronger since the Grand Opening in Berlin. There are already over 200,000 members in our community in over 129 countries.
  • Our updated blockchain is already functioning and you will be able to appreciate its power very soon.
  • Upgraded and more reliable wallets are ready for operation.
  • Verification process has been launched.
  • PLATINCOIN debit card is ready for issue. The first Top Diamond participants will get them within a few coming weeks.
  • The event’s guests gave a thundering applause to the long-awaited super premier – ELVIN crypto messenger. The date of the ICO crypto messenger was also announced – 22 June 2018.
  • Our BLOCKCHAIN FUND for private investors with a long-term investment portfolio was presented. The Fund will market a unique financial product by 70% comprised by precious metals and 30% a digital currency.
  • From 1 April we will start updating our product line. So from that date the Company’s efforts will focus on minting – the most pleasant stream of activity for our partners. You can rent PLC minting equipment from the Company.
  • Very important: minted coins will be credited to the users’ wallets EVERY DAY. Never before has the crypto currency market looked so attractive.

PLATINCOIN EVOLUTION. News from the Platincoin Dubai Event

And finally the main and most eagerly-awaited news:


As we promised on 30 March 2018 PLATINCOIN will go the crypto exchange, but… it will be already the second one. Because we did not want to let down those who have believed us from the very beginning.

PLATINCOIN EVOLUTION. News from the Platincoin Dubai Event

On 21 March PLATINCOIN joined the YoBit.net. crypto exchange, one of the top 10 in the world.

It has 2.2 Mio active users.

Its daily turnover is 40 Mio USD.

82 crypto currencies are registered on the Exchange. Please note that since joining the Yobit.net exchange the Platincoin rate has been stable at 7 USD.

So we have presented our new growth concept, the near future has been defined and this means that soon we hill have sot meting we can celebrate!