The PLATINCOIN grand tour goes on. We kindly invite you to the next meeting with Alex scheduled in Barcelona for September 15. The venue: Pl. Països Catalans, s/n, 08014 Barcelona Cataluña, España, Hotel Barceló Sants. The event starts at 02.00 p. m.

It will be an excellent opportunity to meet Alex Reinhardt, the PLATINCOIN brand founder and see for yourself how easily you can become successful with our company

There is a present in store for you — a STARTER MINTER equipment set for easy coin minting. All new participants to the Barcelona meeting will get this €107.00-worth unit FREE OF CHARGE.

In order to participate and get a gift, just get registered and come to the event — there, you will get a promo code to activate your new STARTER MINTER.


In summer, we toured the cities of Asia and Latin America. We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the people of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We were happy to introduce the local people to the PLATINCOIN brand.

All participants to the events had a chance to personally test-run and appreciate our products.

PLATINCOIN in Barcelona

And today we can say with confidence that those meeting turned into celebrations of unity —the people eagerly joined the PLATINCOIN and greatly appreciated the technological capabilities and convenience of our product.

We are not sure the videos and pictures will convey the inspirational energy of those meetings, but they will help you get a feel of the response we enjoy in many parts of the world.

Heading for Barcelona, we are sure that we’ll find many like-minded people and partners there.

Alex Reinhardt, the PLATINCOIN brand founder, will speak about how to use our products with maximum benefit and, with their help, change your life and that of other people for the better. We kindly invite you to the event and look forward to welcoming you. Come and bring along your friends and acquaintances — everyone will enjoy the meeting.