The Kazakhstan city of Almaty became the starting point of PLATINCOIN’s grand summer tour. At that, the landmark event in Almaty was initiated by our partners in Kazakhstan. We’ve long known that the PLATINCOIN’ brand has many aggressive and successful partners in this country, among them are community’s true leaders Blue Diamond Sevara Tillyaeva, Gaukhar Mazhitova, Aigul Zhusupova, Altykyz Ismailova, Kulpara Alieva.

Many of them met the PLATINCOIN brand founder Alex Reinhardt and attended the high-profile events in Berlin and Dubai. Sevara Tillyaeva shares with us how the idea of an event in Kazakhstan came about:

“We simply asked Alex to come to Kazakhstan. He asked how many people would come to such an event and we replied with assurance – 2,000 people. He was surprised and promised to come if so many people wanted to meet with him.

We rented the biggest hall we could find and it barely managed to accommodate all the guests. It was clear from the outset that there was going to be a lot of people, as it is essential in our activity to keep the team inspired and better motivated. And Alex is the kind of person who has all information on the developments in PLATINCOIN and its plans for the future. And what’s most important – he can deliver this information in a simple, open and easy-to-understand way.

Today, we can say with certainty that such meetings are necessary, for they help even experienced leaders to get a second, a third and a tenth wind and take a leap toward better results.

And it is not easy to describe in words how enthusiastic the newcomers to such events get – you have to see their shining eyes, their enthusiasm and confidence with which they start building their own business and delight us with their success.”

Watch the video on how the meeting went.

The Almaty event was also very useful for PLATINCOIN’s top managers. It is obvious, that they have to spend a lot of time on creating and bringing new products to the markets. At the same time, it is not always possible to cover in blog articles, chats or webinars all information in which direction PLATINCOIN is moving, why certain decisions are taken and what events we can expect in near future. The open dialogue with our Kazakhstan partners demonstrated that the people get more enthusiastic and supportive of the brand’s ideas when they can hear them from the stage and grasp all the details.

Our Kazakhstan partners took it upon themselves to arrange the event and set about it so energetically that they managed to prepare it in the shortest possible time.

As a result, the meeting intended for the local partners turned into a grand event for the entire PLATINCOIN community. Leaders from Germany, France, India, Russia, and Ukraine… attended the event.

Reminiscences of the warm interaction, the legendary Kazakh hospitality and cordiality will continue for a long time as one of the factors making us such a true community of like-minded people.