Dear Partners!

We have repeatedly shared our core mission for PLATINCOIN in 2020 — expanding our community to reach 5 million users! Our team is working 24/7 to reach this goal: we are launching new products and constantly improving our old products, visiting new cities and countries, hosting educational webinars and training sessions for our partners.

You may have noticed that events dedicated to this project have been happening at lightning speed this year — we have already completed our roadshow across Asia, entered a new exchange, and launched several amazing products. In April we will travel to countries in Africa and Latin America. This trip will be one of the most massive roadshows in the history of our company — we will visit Mexico, Bogota, Lagos, Medellin and other major cities in Latin America and Africa, where we will present PLATINCOIN products and opportunities. Our guests will get a unique opportunity to learn how one of the most successful cryptocurrency projects of today works and meet its founder Alex Reinhardt in person! 

What can guests expect from the events?

Each event will be made up of two parts. During the first part, guests will be shown a detailed business presentation of PLATINCOIN. Alex Reinhardt will explain how our project was initially created and how it developed, what makes our underlying technologies unique (including minting), and most importantly — how PLATINCOIN partners can make money.

After a short break, we will transition to the second part of the event, where guests will join an intense online affiliate marketing training session hosted by Alex Reinhardt — founder of dozens of profitable companies and acclaimed leader in the network marketing industry. After this training session, guests will be able to effectively use modern technologies to boost their sales. They will learn to create attractive pages on social networks, correctly set up communications in messengers, and adjust automatic instruments for online sales.

Events calendar

You will find a detailed events calendar, including venues and locations, in the table below:

Why Latin America and Africa?

The Latin American and African markets are among the most progressive markets in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. According to a study by Statista, Latin America is a worldwide leader in terms of the number of cryptocurrency users. Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile are all in the top ten. By the way, just last year the Colombian government allocated $6 million towards a national blockchain and cryptocurrency integration program. Meanwhile, Paraguay became the setting for the very first travel agency in the world to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Africa is one of the most important markets for PLATINCOIN. Residents of this region have a tremendous need for independent financial instruments since many cities in Africa are not equipped with banking infrastructure. This may be hard to believe, but in 2020, many actions that are familiar to Europeans — such as global bank transfers — are unavailable for most residents of most African countries. For instance, back in 2016, the Nigerian government banned credit card use abroad. Under these circumstances, the instruments that PLATINCOIN can offer to our partners can significantly improve living conditions for thousands of African residents.

Our roadshow across Latin America and Africa is part of our global strategy aimed at expanding our community to reach 5 million people. We have already hosted dozens of events in major Asian cities, and many new partners have joined the international PLATINCOIN community. We are excited to meet our new partners and leaders in Latin America and Africa!


The time is now!