What do you know about Mongolia? This eastern country seems to be far away from Europe and America, and its cultural figures are, as a rule, reserved at international forums; there isn’t much news about it in today’s fast-moving information flow. So, setting out on a trip to the Ulan-Bator event, many on the PLATINCOIN team knew next to nothing about the country. The only thing they knew for sure was that people were expecting us there.

In Mongolia, there turned out to be many young, but very strong and aggressive leaders among PLATINCOIN partners. Bayartsogt Bolor (Diamond),Tsogtbaatar Oyunudar (Ruby), Degarsuren Tsolmontuyaa (Diamond), Bayaraa Bayartsetseg (Emerald). Dear friends, you are an excellent team. Within a short period of time, the local committee managed to prepare a meeting of 2,000 people at such a level that we could have easily invited a full 10,000 or even more.

It was an excellent fete in Ulan-Bator comparable with the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in terms of audience appeal and positive atmosphere. But the greatest joy was the response our ideas elicited among the people of Mongolia and how many young faces were lit up with joy of discovering something new.

Watch the way is happened.

The people listened to Alex Reinhardt, the PLATINCOIN brand founder, with virtually bated breath. They enjoyed getting photographed with him during the breaks and were happy to get to know PLATINCOIN products and start using them.

PLATINCOIN has brought new opportunities and prospects to Mongolia. And our Mongolian partners have reinforced our confidence in that we have chosen the right road and we will be able to find like-minded people in any spot in the world.

Tsogtbaatar Oyundar, an active participant to the event, had the following to say about it:

“People from other countries know very little about Mongolia and how well this business is developing here. Today, we have shown everybody that one can find many partners here. The people were very happy to meet PLATINCOIN brand founder Alex Reinhardt and the event was outstanding and very impressive.

I wish to tell the novices that PLATINCOIN Company delivers on all its promises. The crypto market currently offers great opportunities – everybody will be a success and all dreams will come true with PLATINCOIN”.