Do you remember the video, that, a month ago, brought up so many questions and assumptions? At that time, we could not tell all the details, but really wanted to share our dream with you.

Today we are ready to share our common pride.

July 14, 2017 at 09:36 am Moscow time at the Baikonur cosmodrome is the launch of the “Soyuz-2.1“a rocket with the head part in the upper stage “Fregat", the spacecraft “Canopus-V-IC“ and 72 Small satellites. Platin Genesis DMCC participated in this mission.

Until now, no brand of the crypto industry has been involved in projects of such complexity. Now the small spacecraft, which is being developed by the German company ECM Space Technologies, will be sent into space in containers with the PLC logo.


As explained by the Director General of ECM Space Technologies, Dmitry Bogdanov, the space industry pays special attention to methods and mechanisms for financing projects.

"With the help of Platin Genesis DMCC, we were able to produce our designs much faster and more efficiently. In addition, it is pleasant to realize that we are one of the first companies to apply this method of financing for the creation of systems of cosmic significance,“ emphasized Dmitry Bogdanov.

"Soyuz-2.1a" / "Fregat" / "Canopus-V-IC"

“Soyuz-2.1a“— a three-stage carrier rocket with a digital control system.

"Fregat" — upper stage, installed in the head part of the carrier rocket. Its task is to put the spacecraft “Canopus-V-IC“ and 72 other small satellites into orbit. After that, the upper stage rocket will leave the orbit.

"Canopus-V-IC" — a spacecraft designed to solve environmental problems. Within five years he will warn about the nascency of serious situations, that are both natural and man-made.

The high accuracy of the devices will allow the space machine to detect, for example, a fire center with an area of ​​5 square meters. In addition, it will be able to elicit hearth realises of pollutant emissions into the natural environment, analyze the impact of agricultural activities, track the state of the planet's water resources.

10 days before the start

Behind bright ideas and important historical events there is always hard work— but it's worth it!

This was the July 4, 2017 installation and testing housing No. 40 of platform No. 31 of the Baikonur cosmodrome.


Here, work with small satellites was completed. They had to be checked and installed on a so-called transitional farm.


Soon, the “Soyuz-2.1a“ carrier rocket will launch from Baikonur. In space, the "Fregat" upper stage will separate from the rocket, lead "Canopus-V-IC" and 72 small space satellites into three different orbits.

„For the first time in the history of the launch of small space vehicles, a mission of such high complexity will be implemented," the official website of Roskosmos says. We are proud to be involved in this mission and, without exaggeration, a historical moment for the crypto industry. After all, as the technical director of the Platin Genesis DMCC Denis Bederov said: "PLATINCOIN is the first brand of the crypto industry that has paved its way to space."

Platin Genesis DMCC not only develops its own high technologies, but also helps to implement the most complex space projects. Two major innovative directions, the space department and the fintech industry in the name of Platin Genesis DMCC, have teamed up for the ambitious goal to launch space machines that will protect the ecology of the planet.