Dear users!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Platin Passport service, which we have been developing since the end of 2020. This update will make it much easier to work with PLATINCOIN products.

Over the past year, we have released two major services – the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform and the PlatinDeal marketplace. Our development team continues to work hard on future updates and products. The expansion of the product and service line requires a new approach to interacting with our users. Because we always aim to make it easier to work with our products, we have developed a solution that enables a unified account for all the products and services in our ecosystem — Platin Passport. 

How does Platin Passport work?

Our new service, Platin Passport, brings together all the information about the user: two-factor authentication data, verification data, and so on. Platin Passport will become a single point of entry for all products in the ecosystem — PLATINCOIN, Platin Hero, PlatinDeal, and many more.

After registering for one of the products, the system will automatically generate a unified user account to access all products. For instance, if you have registered for Platin Deal, you don’t need to register again for Platin Hero – all your information is already stored at Platin Passport. 

Let’s use Google as an example to illustrate how this works. Google is an enormous ecosystem featuring dozens of products: Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Google Images, Maps, Search, and so on. Users don’t need to register separately for each product: they can use their unified Google account to use all these services.

The launch of Platin Passport will apply to all our products and mobile apps. Thus, the new upgrade will add two-factor authentication to the apps to ensure safety for user data. Once Platin Passport is launched, you must upgrade your PLC Wallet and PLC Farm apps to ensure they work correctly.

At PLATINCOIN, our goal is to make work with cryptocurrencies easy and intuitive for all users, regardless of their technical backgrounds. Launching Platin Passport is an important step towards this goal!