On March 23, 2020, PLATINCOIN launched one of the services for the PlatinDeal global marketplace, where users can already buy and sell products using cryptocurrencies or fiat money. The service is an online ad platform that operates based on the same principles as major marketplaces including Avito and OLX. The website interface is extremely easy to use: all you need to start offering products and services on PlatinDeal is an account on the website, which can be created in a few clicks. Products can also be added in a matter of minutes.

The service is already active globally, connecting buyers and sellers from all countries. At present, it is only available in English, however, in the future, it will also include localized versions in Russian, German, and Spanish.

This new service is part of the global PlatinDeal marketplace, where all users can become merchants and create their own online stores. The global PlatinDeal marketplace will include an ad platform (as described above) and a marketplace with coupons. PlatinDeal will give merchants access to a convenient infrastructure that allows them to sell their products and services while saving on commissions. Sales on the platform will be accompanied by special coupons that the user will then be able to exchange for products and services.

The PlatinDeal service is a major infrastructure project within the PLATINCOIN economy, which will unite several products: PLC Secure Box, ATM cryptomats, POS terminals, and vending machines. Launching PlatinDeal will lead to further growth and even faster development of our economy!