On October 14, our PLATINCOIN leaders attended a meeting in Dubai. This spontaneous meeting, originally planned as a small event, transformed into a massive celebration of like-minded people. Inspiring stories from our top leaders, a long-awaited presentation for our main project of the year, lively conversations with like-minded people, and as always, a powerful surge of motivation – these are all the things that guests will remember about our previous event in Dubai.

This year, due to COVID and closed borders, we were forced to cancel dozens of events, while many leaders were unable to visit our events due to existing limitations. Due to limitations on public meetings in Dubai, we planned to organize a small event on a yacht, but in the end we welcomed several hundred guests from different countries in the world – from India, Bangladesh, Africa, and Latin America, to Europe and countries in the CIS!

In this article, we will tell you what happened at the event and what made it special, and we will also share our most exciting photos. You'll find the other photos in our official group on Facebook in the designated event album.

Alex Reinhardt talked about PLATINCOIN products and projects, the improvements and updates in the company’s marketing, and strategies for achieving success.

One of our brightest moments was the presentation of Platin Hero — a revolutionary blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. Alex told guests how he’d come up with the idea behind this project, how the platform was created, and why he is confident that the project will disrupt the market! Guests at the event also learned about the most promising projects on Platin Hero. 

Every PLATINCOIN event doesn’t just offer a lot of valuable information and new skills, but also a powerful surge of energy and motivation. Through talking to like-minded people, participating in training sessions, and even dancing, the guests got charged with enough energy for several months of productive work! 

This PLATINCOIN event also offers inspiration. From long-awaited meetings and lively conversations, from leaders’ success stories. Members with the highest ranks told newcomers how to reach high turnover levels and build powerful teams.

Each of these stories was incredibly inspiring, charged with the belief that anything is possible with PLATINCOIN!

The most inspiring story comes from one of our partners from Kazakhstan. Several weeks ago, she was rushed to an ICU in critical condition, diagnosed with coronavirus. However, she made a promise to herself, that she will reach the Purple Diamond rank at any cost and make it to the meeting in Dubai. Every day, she would open her wallet, look at the numbers, and say to herself: ‘I will become a Purple Diamond’. And the night before the event, she reached the long-awaited Purple Diamond rank, once again proving that anything is possible with PLATINCOIN!

Our leaders admitted that this event was one of their happiest days in 2020, and the surge of energy will help them work hard and reach their goals for many months ahead!

We are grateful to all our guests who have managed to arrive in Dubai despite all these difficulties. We are proud of your bravery! Thanks to you, our most daring ideas are transformed into successful projects and projects! I can’t wait until our next meeting. Until then, let’s keep on working 24/7!


The time is now!