More than a hundred company leaders from India and other countries came together on August 26 for a meeting at Dubai Mall – one of the most famous places in Dubai. Guests at this event had not been able to travel to Prague in May for PLATINCOIN World Convention, so we did our best to accurately recreate the same atmosphere in Dubai.

This meeting attracted some real leaders – more than half of the participants had ranks from Diamond and higher, and all the others showed high performance as well. The event went on for almost an entire day, continuing from 11 am until late in the evening.

PLATINCOIN leadership meeting held in Dubai on August 26

Alex Reinhardt and the PLATINCOIN team have shared information about company products that have already been launched as well as the ones that are being tested. Cryptomats, POS terminals, vending machines – we have reported on them many times in our blogs and shared videos on our YouTube channel. Alex made a particular emphasis on the PLATINCOIN infrastructure which is centered around our coin.

PLATINCOIN leadership meeting held in Dubai on August 26

POS terminals created a lot of excitement. As you may recall, POS terminals are devices that can be used to pay with PLC in stores and other points of sale. Guests at the event were excited about the product and rushed to take pictures with it. Their excitement is easy to understand – the device enables them to use coins to purchase real products in offline stores.

The segment about the PLC Secure Box was an important part of the presentation. Partners that were not able to collect their boxes in Prague were given boxes by Alex Reinhardt in Dubai. Guests at the event found out how to activate their boxes, import their private keys and launch the minting process.

And of course, not a single PLATINCOIN event is complete without a charge of motivation from Alex Reinhardt: this time, he held a coaching session. Company leaders joined the PLATINCOIN team in performing some powerful techniques – improving leadership skills, getting rid of blockages and adjusting their mindsets to achieve big goals!