Dear Partners!

We have some amazing news to share with you today: our currency has been listed on one of the largest cryptocurrency wallets in the world - Coinpayments! Here are some reasons why this is incredible news for our entire community: 

  1. is a well-known project with an outstanding reputation which has been active in the cryptocurrency market since 2013. Gaining recognition from a service of this level serves as additional proof of our significance in the cryptocurrency market;
  2. Users are charged a minor commission fee of 0.50% per transaction in the wallet. 

CoinPayments terms of use: commissions and security 

Individuals will be permitted to transfer a sum equivalent to $15 000 through the platform for free; transfers exceeding this amount are charged a commission fee of 0.50% of the total. Users must complete a two-factor authentication in order to access their wallets, which guarantees transaction security.
Additionally, the platform includes a ‘Vault’ feature which offers an additional layer of security to the coins in your wallet. 

We are delighted to witness the community’s continued acceptance towards PLATINCOIN. Previously, in February, our coin was listed on the major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Global. And this sentence please: The new listing on Coinpayments is the pride of our team, as it is yet another proof of our market strength!