Dear partners, due to current circumstances with the spread of the coronavirus, we have had to postpone the event in Dubai - we received an official order to ban the event on March 22 from the Dubai authorities.  PLATINCOIN MOMENTUM WORLD CONVENTION will be held in November. We will update you on the new dates at a later time.

Coronavirus: what is important to know

On March 11, WHO (World Health Organization) announced the coronavirus pandemic. Today, more than 120 thousand people have already been infected worldwide, and the vaccine is still in the early stages of development. The death toll is approaching 4.4 thousand, and more than 66 thousand people have recovered.  To date, infections in addition to China have been detected in 102 countries. The United States and Israel have completely closed their borders to European citizens.

Quarantine in the UAE

To date, 74 cases of coronavirus have been identified in the UAE.

The country has therefore introduced measures to control and early detection of virus carriers - schools, religious institutions, hotels are being closed for quarantine.  In addition, the UAE Ministry of Health imposed mandatory quarantine for arrivals from China, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Singapore and France.

More than 90% of those registered for the event come from these countries.  According to the rules introduced by the Ministry of Health of the UAE, upon arrival in Dubai they must undergo 14-day quarantine, and it is also forbidden to attend any public events. Any violation of these regulations will result in the Dubai authorities imposing serious sanctions, including deportation and arrest.

In this situation, the PLATINCOIN team faced a choice: to put our partners at risk or to cancel the event until the situation improves. Since we prioritise the health and well-being of our partners, and taking into the fact that the virus can be lethal, the team decided to postpone the event to autumn - according to experts, by this time the situation in the world should stabilise.

What will happen to tickets for the event and PLATIN Legend Card?

Tickets for the PLATINCOIN MOMENTUM WORLD CONVENTION remain valid - for the November event. A PLATIN Legend Card, which was planned to be distributed at the event, will be sent to you by mail.

To receive a refund on the cost of flight tickets and cancellation of your reservation at the hotel, we recommend that you contact the airline, the hotel or travel agent. Most major airlines have already announced that they will exchange and return tickets purchased even at non-refundable fares.

Coronavirus and Cryptocurrency Market

Due to the spread of the virus, many exchanges, departments and companies, including cryptocurrency exchanges, have limited their work or transferred their employees to home office. Hence, as a preventive measure, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will close its trading floor at close of business on March 13.

Also, many American companies are allowing employees to work remotely. According to CoinDesk, the Gemini exchange, the blockchain startup Blockstack, and the cryptocurrency broker Tagomi consulted their employees on this strategy. Coinbase and Messari also switched to remote mode.

Most of the largest blockchain conferences are cancelled

- Blockchain Week 2020 conference in Hong Kong has already been rescheduled for September 28th. Event Token2049, which was scheduled to be held there, will now open only in October. The EDCON and Nitron summits originally announced in Italy and South Korea, respectively, were cancelled without a new date as yet. 

Finally, in connection with the quarantine announced in Kiev, the eighth BlockchainUA conference, whose doors were due to open on March 20, was postponed to the end of May. As coronavirus spreads, so does the list of cancelled events.

Our team, working in several dozen countries, also took unprecedented measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and transferred part of the workforce to a remote operation. We make every effort so that not one of our hundreds of colleagues puts themselves and their loved ones in danger, therefore, we observe all safety precautions. Despite all this, PLATINCOIN team makes every effort not to lose momentum and remain uncompromised on quality.

Stay with us!

We know that each of you has been looking forward to the PLATINCOIN MOMENTUM WORLD CONVENTION. We also put a lot of effort and time into preparing for this event - we were preparing a presentation of new products, the award ceremony of the best partners and many, many other incredible surprises.

We promise that the event in November will be even larger and brighter than March was to be - in the six months remaining until the meeting, we will work hard, despite the situation in the world. Moreover, every week we are waiting for you at webinars with Alex Reinhardt for important information and a portion of charge and motivation! Do not forget to follow our official channels - there we provide all the important and interesting information about PLATINCOIN.