We are excited to share with you an update that is both exciting and important for the entire PLATINCOIN community. We’re delighted to present a major update on our network module. This is the largest update to our system for the past 2 years.

We have focused our efforts on data backup and preservation. Nothing will be lost: not a single account, order or bonus. In this article, we will inform you about each update in detail.

Dynamic compression

In the near future, we will introduce compression of referral structures. This process will take approximately a week.

Dynamic compression means that the system will only allocate bonuses to active partners, without considering inactive ones. Now, active members will be able to obtain bonuses that were previously unavailable to them.

Please note that if at the time of bonus award a partner has «Inactive» status, the bonus will not be awarded.

What differentiates an active partner from an inactive one?

Our new network marketing system uses two criteria to identify a user’s activity level:

  1. The partner must make a purchase in the sum of at least € 100 through Cash, T-Cash or Fiat over the 90-day period leading up to the commission payout date.
  2. The partner’s first line must have a turnover of at least € 100. Please note that only the turnover of new first-line partners will be considered, and only for purchases through Cash or Fiat. New partners are users who have registered during the past 90 days.

The system uses one or both criteria, which means that satisfying at least one condition will allow you to maintain the active partner status.

What is the benefit of dynamic compression?

PLATINCOIN’s network marketing system allows partners to receive bonuses once they have reached the 11th level. Before the update the system allowed you to receive bonuses only from active partners: for example, if only 3 out of 11 partners were active in the system, you didn’t receive anything bonuses from the inactive partners. Now, the system will automatically exclude inactive partners and search for active partners in lower levels.

For example, if partners on your 5th and 6th lines are inactive, and there are active partners on your 12th and 13th line, then they will be inserted into your current structure and you will receive commission from them. Team turnover will be calculated for your entire structure without considering the active or inactive status.

Booster Bonus

Booster Bonus is here to replace ‘Fast Start Bonus’. Booster Bonus is activated if a partner reaches first-line turnover higher than € 5000 within a period of one calendar month (30 days). The Booster Bonus adds an extra 10% to your regular 10% first-line commission. Thus, your first-line commission will amount to 10% Direct Bonus + 10% Booster Bonus = 20% for the month that you earned the Booster Bonus. For example: with a EUR 100,000 first-line turnover and Booster Bonus, the member receives a commission of EUR 20,000 (including Direct Bonus & Booster Bonus).

Payout of the Booster Bonus will be conducted during the first week of the following month. In other words, if you reached first-line turnover of EUR 100,000 in April, your commission for the entire month of April will be 10% representing the Direct Bonus, and during the first week of May, an additional commission will be accrued for the entire turnover reached in April, i.e. another EUR 10,000 representing the Booster Bonus.

Please bear in mind that Booster Bonus can only be activated for purchases made through Cash or Fiat, T-Cash purchases are not considered.

What are T-CASH and CASH?

T-CASH and CASH represent a user’s internal balance, which is made up of referral commission and other bonuses. CASH funds can be freely withdrawn, while T-CASH can only be spent on the company’s products.

Following the update, the partner’s earnings will be allocated between T-CASH and CASH in the ratio of 0 to 100 for all bonuses, except for the rank bonuses. For rank bonuses, the already existing T-CASH/CASH ratio will be consistent at 70 (Cash) and 30(T-Cash). For example, let’s say your first-line partner purchases a Minting Unit for € 1070, and you earn 10%, or € 100, then 0% of this sum will be allocated to T-CASH, and 100% to CASH. If your first-line partner purchases a Minting Unit for € 995, you will get € 930 Direct Bonus in CASH (making up 100%) and another € 930 as Booster Bonus (also 100%) in CASH. Your total commission will come to EUR 1860 which you are free to use at your sole discretion.

More time might be required for making changes in ranks and other parameters. That is the reason why sometimes the status of bonuses, balances and other account details might be delayed for 48 hours. Forty-eight hours might be needed for the user activation and ranks conversion as well.

The update is a huge breakthrough not only for the entire PLATINCOIN team, but for the network marketing business model as a whole. We will do everything in our power to minimize any temporary discomfort during this update period, which creates new earning opportunities for our partners.